Friday, May 22, 2009

You got a little pressent, buddy!

Well, not much feedback from the update, but from what I've got, seems it was good! I really hope you can see the pictures in full size as I explained it in the previous post.

I've started working on new ones and I have made no progress at all with the poser comics, sorry! They just consume a lot of time and my PC is hardly "cutting edge" technology. Don't worry, I won't be adding the PayPal button or
charging for the artwork!

Anyway, Here's a new one... It might not be the right time for the theme, but hell, let's not make a deal of it and enjoy, it's a short one. I just happen to find this picture and remembered how many times I wish that was me in the mirror, even by mistake!

I'll be seeing you soon with more!

and, of course, thanks for the comments!

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finally... UPDATE!!!

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
I've been out for 2 months without notice, but hell I'm back!

Still, I find myself with very little creativity lately... so maybe this update of 83 captions won't be the best but at least they're a bunch of fresh ones (and this time, there a a lot of shorter and less wordy ones as some requested)

But the big and important news is that you no longer need to see the captions in

the Y! Group one at a time! I dunno when, Y! added in the photo section an option to resize the image in large or in its original size (as shown in my state of the art photoshop edited screenshot) !
There is the usual variety for you to choose - lesbos, preggos, bimbos, sissies, mad wifes... just surf them according to your pervertion!

So for the caps just go in HERE and go into the PHOTOS section

So, happy browsing!

Anyway, since more than 50% didn't like poser comics, I focussed more on the caps for this update, but I'll have something ready soon, I'm working on 2 ideas, just need to shape them...

I'm also thinking about trying to write a story like the ones HERE, instead of just caps or comics, you know, try to do some new stuff... but I'm not so secure about the result, so I dunno if it is worth to take a shot.

(just a preview of what you'll see in the update)

Ok, I busted my ass with 83 new captions so please tell me... what do you think of them?

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