Friday, November 25, 2016

Corruption of the Champion, part 10

Ohhh the big roman number "X"... Means 10 chapters of CoC already!
Can you believe it? It's becoming the longest ongoing series I ever made- and much to our Champion disgrace, we're barely halfway done!

Perfect opportunity to thank you all. Support, ideas, feedback, critics, everything has been awesome (damn, now I have that damn evil Lego Movie theme song stuck in my head) . thanks a lot! Really feels like we're doing it together

This is the perfect opportunity also to answer some of the most asked questions:
- Yes, Cerpah will return.
- Yes, Next time we see Urta she'll have her endowments fixed
- Yes, we're about to venture into the mountain and it secrets. Maybe the Champion will discover a secret in the plot?
- Yes, there are still lots of characters waiting to be introduced
- No, there won't be Harpys, Owca Town, or Gargoyles. The models I made were just horrible and I can't keep adding stuff.
- No, I won't make the desert Coven. Tough choice, but for the same reasons explained before.
- No, the ending is still undecided. Probably a bad ending (though I believe some bad endings are actually good endings) or probably one I think about myself, that could be close to a happy ending.
- No, this is far from the Champions final form. So if you like it enjoy it or hate it, who knows what could grow or shrink?

So let's bring the good stuff! Let's see where we left off...

Still seems like his idea of final form is... Uhm... a "work in progress"

What would happen? Is our Champion dead? Am I such an asshole that I decided to kill him and bring a new Champion into play... Or Martin has turned into a new creature?
Check it out! Get it from here:


And again, thanks a lot for the feedback. I'll do my best to bring a new chapter next weekend, it's looking tight, and next chaper is maybe a little longer than usual.

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Corruption of the Champion, part IX


Sunday, oh sunday... I don't know you, but for me, sunday afternoons are kinda sad. Means monday morning is lurking around the corner and there's not much left to do on the weekend.

But hold on there! I might have something to brighten the afternoon... Yes, it's the part IX!
I had to make a tough decision, because this part was very long. Upload the entire part now, and then make you wait another 2 weeks or cut it in half and upload the next week?

I decided to cut it in half, so you don't have to wait another 2 weeks

So where are we on the story?

Oh, right, our Champion is full with confidence, feeling more comfortable in his body,  but, sadly he's in rut, meaning that he has tunnel vision right now, only caring about sex until the rut passes.... and he's almost out of gems.
Will he get more corrupted? What adventures will he come across? New characters will make an appearance?
Check it out!


So far support has been great. Makes me so happy! Thank you very much for all the feedback.!!!
I'm trying to adapt my script to many of the ideas and request you make. Keep it coming, we're having fun I believe!

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Corruption of the Champion, part VIII

Welcome back!!
Halloween has passed, I'm glad you liked the little comic I made for you, but now it's time to get back with the agenda. And, man, it's getting tight!

Did you thought I was going to leave you another full week without knowing what's going on with our Champion? No way!
Last time we saw him, the poor fellow was drunk after suckling all the beer Niamh's breasts had, and after Edryn rejected him, he was left alone with the stiffest hard-on of his life... But Urta came in to play at the end...

This part / chapter was very hard to put together.
For starters, it's one of (if not the) longer chapter.
It has a fair share of action, so I hope you enjoy it. All I can say, is that our Champion is about to have a very busy night... And drink a new potion...

What's gonna happen? You dare to guess? Find out now!


P.S.: I know Urta is one of the readers/gamers favorite characters, and I've been getting feedback about the model. To be more specific, I've seen a lot of "Urta has a horse cock! You got it wrong!".

I will try to fix it without breaking the story, iIt will be fixed in a couple of chapters.
Why? because the next 2 chapters are already rendered. So for now... enjoy her with what she has, that's still more than enough, you'll see.

Tell me if you liked this chapter! want to see something in particular? Ask a question? Just leave a comment!

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