Saturday, April 26, 2014

Size matters?

Welcome back! Sadly I missed my usual posting day (Friday), but nevertheless I'm posting before Monday. Damn, I hate Mondays.
Tonight, I want to share some of the captions I've been making since my return to normal life a couple of weeks ago. This ones were the ones I liked the most, and they go perfect for today's theme: oversized / overgrown / overdeveloped.

They are a nice mix: we got blondes, brunettes, redheads; we got miswish, we got curses, mental changes... And yes, the post title image is one of a hell cameltoe with no photoshop behind it!

So shall we start? Because I know you missed those swollen bellies and growing boobs, let's start with oversized natural development!

Those udders were heavily compressed in her bra. Thanks God we get o see when she left them breathe! Damn, they're about to burst!

Speaking of oversized...

And overdeveloped...
Daddy's innocent angel...
 And because sometimes is not about being oversized, but having something undersized what makes you shine!

I really have a hard time choosin my favorite. Maybe the 1st one or the 3rd? I don't know. Wich one was your favorite of this batch? Leave a comment! Ask away, suggest, whatever!

P.S.: Thanks a lot for the comments and links in the previous post. They have proven to be very helpful and I'll look into the suggestion you left!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

I'm Back! Big-sized Return!

Yes!!! Finally Real Life © gave me a break and I can focus again on all the things I left unfinished more than a month ago!
Damn it I'm so happy! I missed this thing a lot, and I missed you too!

The last weeks were a complete hell both at work and at the house, but now I feel such adrenaline as I write and DAZ Studio loadings on the window behind... Yes, I'm celebrating my Big return: there are captions, there are comics updates... I just feel good tonight. I can't stop singing this amazing song

So, as you may already noticed with the post banner, today I'm dealing with BIG sized things... On both ends.

So let's start with the captions!

We got BIG basketball sized bimbo beewbs ...

No photoshop used on this picture. Really.
 And BIG beeeewbs ask for.. BIG dildos!

literally, a pain in the ass

 But let's be honest... We love BIG beeeeeeewbs, but they neab little if they do not come with a BIG ass bitch attached to them!

And because I'm in the mood, BIG fake beeeeeewbs are amazing, but some prefer BIG, huggable, suckable and natural oversized beeeeeeeeeeeeeeewbs

Suddenly, I'm thirsty

I also played a bit with a website called Kisekae or kakuruku or Banjo Kazooie or something like that. It's basically a flash custom anime creator.
I made this.... I won't make any more. But I missed anime a bit last night, so...

Did I mention something about big boobs tonight?
Oh, I said something about comics, didn't I?
Yes, I'm close to finish one, and I already have stories selected for VipComics # 4

I know. You want spoilers.
Just for this time, because I'm in a fucking good mood, I share with you spoilers from 4 of the many comics I started (I have a little attention disorder... I started like 8 comics). One of them is gonna be the next release.

Wich one will it be? What are they about? I won't tell...
But It'll help a lot if you tell me what are you expecting the most, and of course share your thoughts on the captions... Come on, leave a comment, don't make me beg for it!

Glad and happy to be back. I missed you.

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