Friday, June 3, 2016

Finally: VipComics#5 is HERE!!

Oh am I glad to be able to say this... Finally... VipComics#5 is here!! I'm so happy to have it finally finishied!

Hard to believe it! 5 issues already? VipComics is here with the same old premise as always:
To do new things! To try out and explore new TG elements and themes... Is my very own Star Trek in TG comic form?

But there's more to it in this issue. VipComics has evolved. The first noticeable change is the cover... Wich I'm debating myself is keeping the old or the new format for the next issue.

Originally, it was supposed to be a simple, short 30/40 pages comic made of  fast, ugly, crude renders. It even said "short stories done in a hurry" on the top of the covers.

But as the issues came out, this has changed. You have, just in this issue...

258 pages in total!

Also, the renders are more detailed and less crude, using the same quality I would use on a regular comic.
But, since I doubt you've read all of the above, here's what you're looking for: the links!

(Remember to use Winrar, 7-zip, or any .rar. viewer to open and extract the files)

So, this is it. Enjoy it, as I enjoy making them!
There you have VipComic#5...

So tell me... 
Did you liked it? Your favorite story? Do you like the new or the old cover? Any ideas for the next VipComic issues? 

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