Saturday, August 28, 2010

A bit more won't hurt...

Ok, back on track, back on captions!
20 comments? I really should stick with such mixed fetishes! It's an official record on the Blog!

Thanks for the feedback, really. What you wrote is wonderfull. Really cheers me up. I answered some of your questions on the last post. Check my comment.

Please understand, that I can't make a caption about every single fetish: not only I need an image that goes with the story and the fetish, also I like to use good, big images, images that shoot ideas in my head, and they're hard to find. This round, images are not that good, but I think they deliver the idea nevertheless...

So what's on? Let's see...

Let's start with a remix... (the remote is back! Yes, I know, Nintendo stole my remote design for their Wii)

But seeing that girl make me feel cold. She should have some fur to be more warm!

Following a request on the comments, another remix... this is the best I have for now with objects+lactation

Oh No! how could we forgotten about those big, heart shaped asses!?

That's seems to be all for now.
There's about 80 captions for the next update, I'll try to make it next week.
I'm spending time working on a new comic at the same time, but it's only 40.9999% done.

What fetish did I forgot? What can we mix, what do you suggest? help me, this is fun, leave a comment!


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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No Fetish Left Behind...

Wow, last post was very succesful, 16 comments must be a record on this blog.
I'm so glad to see so many people following my captions! It motivates me to do even more

I guess the comments had something to do with the fetish subject, so I made some more captions about other fetishes (of course, I can't make a caption about each fetish, but, the most common will have one).

So, in the next days I'll be probably changing the design of the Blog (it's starting to look "Retro"), clean up the links and add new ones, while i keep on producing my captions, alongside with other lots and lots of unfinished captions / comics / story / etc. wich I never ended, yes, because I'm a bit lazy.

So, about the captions and the fetishes, I noticed Asian Girl is a very common one...

Speaking about interracial changes, how about some ebony fun?

And if we add latin sissy + some milky breasts?

Or, if you're like me, probably your first fetish was multiple breasts (Oh, I remember JMorph, transformationcircle, Access and so many others digital pioneers who's work I lost track of...), you'll like this one, just excuse my mediocre photoshop...

Enjoy your freedom and comment! Is not like you are a helpless inanimate object for amusement of your master, right?

I hope to post more captions again soon if time allows me.
Perhaps you could help me by leabing a comment abou what fetishes I forgot?


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