Friday, February 26, 2016

The :O Series: one more to go after this

Today was supposed to be the last day of the :OSeries, buuuuut... Since the Series did very well, and you have been more than amazing by giving so much feedback and sharing so many ideas, I've decided to give it one more post of life, so there will still be another post left as a bonus next week!

Right now I'm still suffering energy shortages, so I'll try be quick. Enjoy them!

And if you still need to ask, yes, after the :O series I'll upload a comic, a cancelled one, because I'm finding almost impossible to work in the current pathetic energetic conditions the country I'm living right now was left by the previous government, and I'm quite angry right now.

See you in a week! 
And, as always, any suggestions, requests or feedback is more than welcome!

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Monday, February 22, 2016

Your throat itches? Here, I know how you can scratch it.

I'm glad, very glad that the ":O Series" was, mostly, well received! Specially since many told me in the comments that even though it's not their thing, they enjoyed this captions anyway. Great!
I wanted to post on friday as usual, but I was unable to - I'll explain at the bottom of the post why.

So, with only one post left of the ":O Series" before we can move into other things, let's just focus on enjoying the captions I brought you today, and I sincerely hope you like them!

Thanks to the anonymous who left this image as a comment o te last post!

In case in the previous Caption you felt there was something missing or out of scale
It's the same caption, but I couldn't make my mind about what image to use, so... "bonus" pic!

I'm having some issues with electric power... I will tell you more, probably in the next post, but for the last weeks I've been seriously handicapped being unable to turn on the PC, or simply loosing progress because of a sudden blackout.

See you in a couple of days! As always, any suggestions, requests or feedback is more than welcome!

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Friday, February 12, 2016

New 2016 mini series: the :O Series!

Welcome back my friends!
We've seen the "Asylum Series", The "Shhh" Series, The "Petgirls" Series, the "Witch Wifes Stories" Series, "Bimbos and Thrones" Series and even the failed "MMO-TG" Series.

So, as usual, let's start the year with something special: the new mini-series, the ":O Series"!
As I stated in the previous post, I have big plans for this year, and I was not sure if I should make this series or a different one (that, for now, shall remain a secret); but since this year I plan to go big on several things, I've chosen the :O series so we can start on a high, aggresive note this year

So, what's exactly the :O series? What's the theme, what are they about?
Well there's not much science or big mistery to it... better let the captions explain it!

Do you like the new mini Series? Do you miss an old mini-series? Wich one you liked the most? 
Tell me what you think! Let's work together like we always do!

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