Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Link Hunting Season!

I received some comments about the links section. I really posted my little database there for you to share and get to know different artists.


Captions and Comics / Manga are highly wanted. Stories, wanted to. Or perhaps some furry pics, like cowwomen?

Please left your links as a comment so I can put them on the web. It'll took you less than a minute, and it will help as all (you, included)


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The TG Remote and the Caring Friend!

In a TG universe, life is just good when you have an almighty
Imagine how many bar fights, wars, and lonely night you could
avoid by just pressing a button.

That's what the firt cap is about: that remote wich you could
sell your soul to get

images from: danni.com

And then, there's always your best friend, your buddy, who
will strive to help you and shares tons of stories. The guy who just
won't let you sleep out in the cold.

And this cap is about that: just a friend, trying to get friendlier
with an angered buddy in misfortune.

images from: fantasygirlcarmella.com

Thanks for those who left comments and left the origins of the
SRU shop for us to track.
Also, thank your for voting, and thank your for visiting this blog!

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Watch out for that Full Moon!

Some time ago I made a poll on the Y! group about what kind of captions
you'll like to see more.

Werewoman and sci-fi themes captions were highly asked.

So, without more saying, I pushed my modest photoshop skills to the
limit and created this caption using my all-time favourite girl: Brittany Bod.

More to come...

images from:brittanysbod.com

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Series Premiere!!

I found this great BE & lactating site with poser graphics called 3rd-art.

I dunno you, but ther'e something about poser graphics that just draw my attention, like Infinitysign's comics (wich, if u are reading, they're great, keep the good work coming!)

They inspired me into doing a new limited series of caps like "the asylum":
The MMOTG Series.

Image from: 3rd-art.com

I leave the cover of the series for you to see. The full serie will be uploaded into the Y! group whenever I finished them.

I leave you anoter single cap, just for fun.

Image from: brazzers.com

Sooo... what do you think of the new series?

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