Monday, July 16, 2012

Reality? Nah... Let's go for photoshop!

Welcome back my friends!
Let me start by saying Thanks for comments/feedback!

Yet again life & responsabilities have kept me apart from the Blog... But not from working on caps and Poser!
Today, we're up for some captions wich, judging from what I've been reading in the past posts, are on high demand.

One of the reason I don't do many photoshop manipulations is that I'm not by any means a photoshop wizard, but I think even with their minor details, you'll find them good anyway.

So, if the title wasn't explanatory enough, here you'll find... Photoshopped girls looking beter than ever, specially in a TG caption!

I'm glad to read so many positive feedback on the comments from the Remote Ones (wich I started making years ago and stopped doing some while ago... The Wiimote looks so dumb!)... It was one of my favourite subjects!
*  ------ *

 *  ------ *

 *  ------ *

 Mhhh... How do they look best?And If it was you being TG'ed... Do you think that's big enough?

If you do, then take a look at this one - no photoshop used!


And another thing I've been asked is some more captions including ebony girls or ebony / interracial transformations... This is all I got for now!


Damn, You reached the end of the post...

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Thank you for reading, See you soon!

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