Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm happy.

Yes, I am. Very very happy and inspired.
It has a lot to do with the last post and all that great feedback I got

29 comments so far, all with respect, some complete reviews, thanks you for those comments and all the love! THANKS!

I was affraid when I released "A Second Chance"... It was long, and had a couple of weird thing in it... but I see it turned out just fine.

That's the best of it. That you liked it. That what people who are real artist and not hobbyist like me use for food.

But before the caps...
Just a couple of things you should know!

1) There's another poser comic called "A Second Chance", done before me by the great CBlack. I had no idea it existed, I never tried to stel the name or nothing. I guess it's not that much of an original name.

2)  speaking about stealing, I saw a comic called "MASTER-PC PART2.0", done by sgomma3. I won't provide a link to it. I just saw it and my thoughts about it are...


Dude, not cool. Ask for permission first. Say "inspired by", whatever, you do not grant yourself permission to continue the story like that, let alone while the one who made the original (that's ME) it's still active!
Do one of your own.
At least change the cover, don't be so cheap!!!!!

Sorry. This guy going behind my back got my into my nerves.

3) Amazeroth, what happened? did you retire? I loved the style of your artwork! Please provide a new link... Or reconsider your choice!

Ok then, if you read all that, you have my blessing and you may check out the captions...

Tell me... Wich one was your favourite?

That's all for today. See you soon!

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