Thursday, May 30, 2013

Finally: New Poser Comic!

Because you asked for it, because you wanted it, and because I'm trying hard to keep my promises, here it is!
Angelis & Demonus is actually a comic that gave me lots of headaches. I started in march last year, but the files got corrupted, every time I wanted to load a scene both Poser and Daz Studio freeze and closed, and I had to remake in a rush a lot of it.
I'm telling you this because I was not convinced to release it - I'm very unhappy about the graphical quality and the rushed script, I'm really not feeling confident about this one so any kind of feedback will be greatly appreciated!

But, what can you expect from it?
As usual, I've tried to add new things. Also, this is by far the story with more "action" in it that I ever made.
Also, this is the first which features my avatar as a character.
Lots of images, not many words! (because words are, like, boring!)
A weak ending? Perhaps. But this time, I have an excuse, I was so tired of it!

Where can you get it? Simple !You can download it from my 4Shared folder

And, one more thing, who is sharp-eyed enough to find the Easter egg connecting to this comic in one of my previous releases?
It's a silly thing I've been doing in all of them, adding something that connects them. First one who discovers it and leave a comment has a custom made caption as a prize!

Ok, I just talk badly about it, so download it, judge by yourselves, and then be kind and leave a comment with your thoughts! Help me improve!

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Place your request!

First of all, Thanks for the comments! Everyone loves the preggos I see!
Last week I didn't had much free time, so I really did little or no progress at all, but what I did do was to notice comments asking specific things.

This week I'm asking you what would you, the readers, like to see in the next post?
Leave a comment telling me! I'll try to please you all!

The simple rules:
1) Be SIMPLE. ("i would like to see some Role exchange, preggos, mad wifes, asian, miswish, revenge, futanari...").

2) You can mix your likes, but no more than 2 or 3 things. Don't make an impossible mix... Remember this are Captions not Comics!

For example:
"OH! A pregnant miswish turning a man into a 3 headed redhead with dreadlocks and with purple marble penises for nipples dressed as Princess Peach with diapers while cleaning the kitchen, in a spaceship!".

^^^ - anpu shemsu-inp - READ THIS! ^^^

Remember I'm not a photographer, I gather images from the web and the more you ask the more impossible it gets for me, although some little Photoshop magic I can do

3) This are not personalized Captions, please don't leave your name asking me if I can make you something else.

You have until Saturday 18!

Oh, another thing: next comic is 95% done, just missing the final renders and the Photoshop fixes.

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Preggo Monday!

Last week involved heavy posting and uploading, and yes, I know than many are thankful for it, but many more just wants to see what's new.
So, for a fresh post, I gave you the one thing we just can't have enough, because there's not enough good material around: Pregnant captions!
It's been a long time since my the last post involving pregnant girls, and that had to be fixed.

You'll find only pregnant Captions today. A personal favorite fetish of mine...
I can only imagine that if being a girl and a new, curvy shaped body could be awkward, how about feeling your slim and feminine body starting to swell in every place and growing a giant, heavy round belly  pushing forward, forcing you to embrace motherhood?

Anyway, here they are... Enjoy!

Perfectly round, still... not big enough!
Just because you have a giant balloon-like belly doesn't mean you cannot feel sexy

Because when preggos are around, you know... The bigger the better!

I hope you liked this post - I'm doing my best to release something else soon.

You liked them? You feel sick? Leave me a comment! Gimme some Feedback or suggestions!

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