Monday, May 17, 2010

Back in black!

No, it's not the great AC/DC song, it's just me saying "Hi everybody, since it's been a while, I'm uploading some stuff"

Yes, today we have captions with black background - I know what you're thinking: "Wow! great! you're so original, this changes the whole concept of captions for me!" -.

Now, speaking (a very tiny bit more) seriously, I have 2 captions for you:
The first one involves a fitness girl - yes, I also like amazons and muscuar woman, so probably I'll make a muscular TG series soon - wich is not muscular as hulk, yet I find it so damn sexy! Take a look...

Then, a short one, for those who like girls a little chubby and extra busty...

The bad news is that the MMOTG series is severely delayed in production... I never imagines that it'll be so hard! But I'm determines to make 15-30 captions about it, so just wait up some little more.

No more news today... see you soon!

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