Sunday, March 24, 2013

Terror themed captions

Welcome again!

Before you say it - yes, this captions have arrived very late for halloween; but then again, it was never my intention to do something special for Halloween since I don't know when it is (it's a foreign holyday for me).

But still I hope you enjoy the captions I'm posting today, there are short, medium, large ones (those that most people hate so much), possessions, re-incarnations, curses... Quite a fun mix I must say!


This is for you, Spawn lovers!

And this one is for all of you who love classic terror movies!

I know, I'm using waaay too much  words again.
And for the grand finale, the most terrifying one...

See you soon, enjoy, and as always, thank you for the comments (suggestions are welcome)!

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Friday, March 15, 2013


This was supposed to be a post about another thing, another theme, and with another captions, but something happened to me a couple of days ago.
Searching for an old file in an even older CD (yes, a 650 Mb RW-CD!) backup that barely worked, gave me a couple of nice surprises!

I found a folder containing unfinished captions, an many of them were about my 1st special mini-series:
The Asylum series! (this mini series is so old that it has my 2nd logo on it)

If you've been following me for some time you'll remember this one, basically a place where people (criminals, addicts of several kind, bad husbands...) are sent in order to be TG'ed and changed into something more... productive.

I won't lie, most of the captions in the backup were shit and with crappy images, but some were decent, and some others could have their image easily replaced, so with a great deal of nostalgia, Here they are.

There are even more of them, wich maybe posted before the next Caption Pack is released, or just find their way into the Pack itself.

Tomorrow I'll search my  old 3.5 diskettes collection to see what I can find.

- Just kidding!

I also wanted to thank you for the comments - I love how nice they look now and how I can reply to you directly.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

When your body just won't obbey your commands...

After a long time, with a nasty injury in the middle, and very very late in the calendar finally it has been made the first post of 2013!
All I have to say is...

I Really Missed YOU! I'm so glad to be back!

The last couple of weeks I've been trying to dedicate more time in order to get up to date with both captions and comics, and today, I got some captions for you, and the theme is very clear in the post tittle.
An unwanted loss of control is a common theme, but yet, it can happen in a lot of ways and end in further more ways.

The interesting part for me is exactly when and because of what it happens, and in wich point the subject lost its mind in the middle (that if he is lucky enough) either gradually or rapidly, and let's not forget who is taking advantage of your control loss.

A very common way is to have the subject fall into the curse, making him spend his last minutes watching in what he is being forced to turn...

But, If you're not into slow mental TG, you can alway see things from the subject companion perspective and  how he'll react to the situation...
Saying fucking hot curvy body is falling short on its description

Also, as I said before, some subjects are not lucky enough to have thir minds changed at all, and not only have to experience what's happening to them and what's about to happen fully councious... They also have to live with it afterwards

And last but not least, there's the unlucky one who's being tricked by someone, and his mind slips gradually away almost without him ever realizing that fact...

Now if you're still reading, you might noticed that the comments section was finally fixed! (What are you waiting? Go try it out... leave a comment!), and  I can finally reply individual comments in a threades style.

The downside is that the slider in the main page is stuck at "loading menu"... seems the bimbo in my blood can't fix a thing without breaking another...

I hope you liked the caps.
See you soon!

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