Saturday, April 14, 2012

So, let's take a look at what we have here...

Hi my friends!
Yet another time a month passed from post to post, but still that doesn't mean that nothing has happened!
Currently, I'm working in 3 comics, haven't decided wich one I like the best, but all of them are almost finished.
This won't be a long post, so, why don't we jump right into the captions?

This round, I'm posting a mix of classic subjects...

The first one, it has been a hard one. I thought about making a .GIF, and maybe I will, I thought about doing a small adobe or powerpoint presentation, but I believe this way it ended up best. Just scroll it down!
I'm a photoshop wizard, I know. You can worship me now :P

And, speaking about that, what if we mix it up with a little potion ingestion by mistake?

Leanne Crow seems very popular on the night lately. I wonder where her charisma come from?

Did I said mistakes? Well, in that case, what's better than a miswish?

The problem of that wish might be a bad attitude. So what about bad attitude correction with zero use of psichology?
Eventually they'll worked out their problems. I love happy endings!

Or you might have good communication, and even a supportive couple when you have difficulties accepting who you are now...


Or your couple might just turn into a mad wife, and by that definition, that makes you her sad sissy-slave slut until you accept who you are now...

Those sad eyes said everything I could not write about

Also I thought about another special series.
A preggo special series is out of the question since after making a coiuple I feel like repeating myself.
Perhaps, making more of the Asylum series?

Well, that's all folks. I must go back to work now on my real life.
I only wish I cold change my office, my education and my PC for a strip club, plastic boobs and some tiny clothes...

I Hope you like them!

Don't forget to tell me what are your thoughts in the comments!

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