Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Oops! I've been busy doing... Uhm... You know... Nevermind!

Wow! I really took some time off since the last comic! I was tired and also had to travel but... I'ts been more than a month! I hope you didn't forget about me.

First, I want to start by thanking you a lot for the amazing feedback on VipComics #5!

Also, I'm surprised that "Hero of the realm" (or as I named its savefile, "im not a sexbot comic") had so much attention. I thought it was a fun one-off, but I'm considering doing some more of it. I was rooting for "Defenders of the Realm" to be the favorite, and I knew that a Blueberry inflation comic had a 50-50% chance of being liked/hated. I must say... I love this crowd reaction surprises.
Again, great feedback. Thanks a lot. Really keeps me going.

But today I'm not here to talk about renders... In the next weeks I'll make a post about it since I'm finding a couple of troubles with several things regarding the next 3D comics and I'll be needing your help/opinions.

No, as I was saying, today we're back with some of the newest captions. And since I was away for so long... none of this guys will get trated nicely!

So let's end this text wall and get on with it... Enjoy!

 And of course, the big busty dumb bimbo that everyone wants!

This is the original picture, non-morphed breasts. Yeah, like Vanessa Montagne's breast needed to be morphed, right?

I hope you liked them, if you did so, which was you favorite?

See you soon!

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