Friday, September 11, 2009

You shouldn't be downloading spam...

Well I fulfill my promise: I made my 3rd poser comic based on the "Master PC" story by Ed Miller and the caption made by me.
I did it on a hurry because I'm very busy with work and traveling lately, so the plot may not be so consistent and it might be not so good on the graphical aspect since i rushed it. I'm not particularly proud of it, but at least it was good practice!

Just think... If a PC program could change your body... what would you do?
Or even more important... does it run on Vista? (Linux users, you know of course it doesn't run on that platform!)

So download it from
HERE and leave a comment!

Maybe for the next update I'll make the sequel to one of the previous comics, like Lynx, or I'll made a new original one since I have a lot of ideas stored in my head.
Right now, I'll try to go and work on some captions.

See you soon!

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