Monday, November 19, 2012

Friends, will be Friends...

Indeed, friends are the best thing in the world, right? What can be more beautifull than share a laugh, a costume, a good time?
That's simple: a Gender Bend!
Here, we generally see them as Tg-Bullies, or about to humilliate the victim without knowledge of who the hell is that girl, but I found very pleasing to make captions where a group of friends share their altered fate, either they embrace it or they helplessly fight against it.

On one hand, I love to imagine what happened to them, what has life turned out for each one of them, compare them, have them face to face after a while just to see wich one has turned into the biggert bitch first...

On the other hand, this captions are usually long, wich I know most people dissaprove.

But come on, give them a chance! I think you'll end up liking them a  lot!

I swear when I made this caption, I could hear the theme in my head

By the way, thanks a lot for the comments! If you like this post, have doubts or suggestions, please leave another comment!

Yes, I know. You're expecting a new comic.
You should know that I'm working as fast as I can in my little free time, while at the same time fight against my old PC.
If everything go as planned, in December there'll be a new release!

See you soon!

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let me tell you exactly what's going to happen to you...

Welcome back!

I should start this post by thanking the incredible amount of support received on the poll!
27 comments already! So many people voted! Lots of ideas shared! It's about to become the most succesful post ever in this blog...

Right now, my mind is kind of overflowing with ideas too, yet I believe I can please the likes of you, after knowing in what kind of way you prefer your transformatons.

So, moving on into today's post, there's not so much mistery about it... 6 captions, mostly short ones as you like, about guys being forced against their will to become the ultimate slut!

 I'll take 345.000 bottles of that, please.

 Mom always told me "honesty is the best policy" whenever I lied and she knew...

 Again, lies can make you have a bad time if you're discovered...

 I love this image so much!!! I think I'll recaption it a couple of times more...

Classic, busty and mildy chubby dumb-looking blonde bimbo saved for the ending...

I know It's been a while since the last caption pack was uploaded. A new one is ready, but I plan to release it for christmas. Patience, my friends!

Again, thank you for all your comments. You're the ones that inspire me.

Take this opportunity to inspire me a bit more and tell me what you think about this post!

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