Saturday, September 27, 2008

SRU's Shop

Who hasn't read astory, or saw a cap involving the famous Spells Are Us shop? and wich captiones or story writer hasn't made a cap or a story with it?

Well, I'm no excuse...

I just wonder, who invented it?

And why, why it doesnt exists!

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  1. I believe Spells r Us was invented by Bill Hart.

    A Strangeness at the Frat House seems to be the story that kicks off the idea. Although there's other stories that seem to have been posted online earlier (Best Friends, for instance, but it doesn't make much sense unless you've read A Strangeness at the Frat House)

  2. Yes, it was Bill Hart that started it. With "Frat Party" on May 5th, 1996, and "Strangeness at the Frat House" four days after that.