Friday, May 22, 2009

You got a little pressent, buddy!

Well, not much feedback from the update, but from what I've got, seems it was good! I really hope you can see the pictures in full size as I explained it in the previous post.

I've started working on new ones and I have made no progress at all with the poser comics, sorry! They just consume a lot of time and my PC is hardly "cutting edge" technology. Don't worry, I won't be adding the PayPal button or
charging for the artwork!

Anyway, Here's a new one... It might not be the right time for the theme, but hell, let's not make a deal of it and enjoy, it's a short one. I just happen to find this picture and remembered how many times I wish that was me in the mirror, even by mistake!

I'll be seeing you soon with more!

and, of course, thanks for the comments!


  1. Jim/ AmazerothFriday, May 22, 2009

    Ahh the good old Santa. Hm i think he gave the Present to the right one :D It is a good work VIP. Do you take requests?

  2. Thanks! and Sorry Jim, I use to have a group specially for that but it became impossible to fill the requests. Some day I'll be reopening it, though.

  3. love the cap. keep it up. why can't i get a present like that.

  4. Love your work!

  5. Hey VIP, i never found a Addy to contact you. I've startet a new Yahoo Group with some of my works, Animations, Comics and Captions.
    Here is the Link, hope you put it in your Link Section.

  6. Jim, I rarely check out my mail (its flooded with spam), but I'll add the group to the links sections, I really like your type of drawings, simple & sexy! remembers me a lot of my times playing with microsoft paint! thanks for sharing it.

    P.S.: could you please disable the "tell the group owner about yourself" in the joining page? it's a bit annoying and some people will not join just because of that, it's only a suggestion of course!