Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Mayor Stepback

It's been more than one month since I upload anything, respond to comments or even manage the yahoo! groups... Why?


Yes, he died
one morning, he left me, he didn't even left a note or call back. Thankfully I use to backup regulary so most of the captions I was makind were saved, but a lot of captions got lost... among with a new comic I was working on that was 75% complete. Now, its lost forever since my DAZ studio is back to zero...

Since I had stuff from work in my PC too, focussing on not losing my work was my choice, but now I'm back and I
leave he 3 captions for you to enjoy... My way of saying "I missed you guys, sorry for being absent"

You liked them? comment them!


  1. bad news about your HD.
    Dont worry, just upload when you can, i like the captions i cant wait for more!

  2. Hey Dude,

    sorry to hear that about your HD. It is ever hard to loose gigabytes of freat material, unfinished and finished work.

    Hope you can recover something of your Daz Programms

    The three Captions are a good choice is the distress call...i'm a big Denise Milani Fan and loved to see captions with her....if only her Nipps are to see...that would be perfekt ;)

  3. Shoot, that stinks! XP

    And, ooh, I love these captions. The first one is the most awesome and funny. She's gonna get a big strong man, indeed... XD

  4. Dude, that totally sucks. Love your captions though and I can't wait for more of them. Keep up the awesome work!

  5. Rough luck, always bad news when computers go west. We all know that we should back up, and often do after someone else suffers, but for how long?

    Anyway, hope you find they come even better the second time around!

  6. Thanks for the support! when I lost the data, I just thought "bye bye forever vipcaptions", but I'm glad I reconsidered it

  7. I love the asylum picture. Where dis you get it?

  8. The Asylum picture is from Ken Marcus I think