Tuesday, December 22, 2009

*** Update in 24 Hs.!!!!

Ok, I know, I've been more than a month absent, but I bring good news!

After loosing my new captions when my PC died, I wanted to quit, but after the support you guy gave me, I decided to create new ones (or re-create the lost ones) and I've done almost... 60! new captions, that will be uploaded the 23rd or 24th of this month into the Yahoo! Group, so be aware, I'll post in this blog when the update is done...

the only downside is that I could not find time to make my poser christmas comic...

As a treat, I'm attaching to this post a couple of them, just be a little bit more patient and you'll have plenty to enjoy.

The first one is a classic! guys asking for help, but magically forgetting his native language and speaking badly... yes, girls who speak badly your language are sometimes kind of a turn on!

The second one is a swap. And yes, this is one of the few girls with small breasts you'll see, don't worry... Just read it, I really enjoyed doing it so I'm not spoiling the story!

So remember: in 24 hours more than 60 captions will be updated in the Yahoo! Group

One more thing! I've been using Y! groups for quite some time but people seems to hate them, so, if you know a similar free site to upload files with gallery previews, please post a link as a response to this post and I'll check it out... THANKS!