Friday, April 30, 2010

Back to roots + New series!

After much caption making, I decided to travel back to my roots, oh, so long ago, when I used Paint Shop Pro 5 and modify the girl's curves, making her lips huge so they can't even speak, and, of course, a mad wife behind the changes...
So I choose a pic I had stored waiting to be captiones for a long time with Carmella Bing, a babe with very big round breasts and wide hips (a bit fat in her latest pic, though) and did what God never did with humanity: I gave the girl what should be every women body standard proportions!

I just imagined... What if you where changed, dressed, and it doesn't end there, just go on, until you became unreal... Seeing your flat male chest develop A cups, going B, C, D cups... until you can't even hold them with your hand? Your hips growing so wide, forcing you to stick your butt out to mantain balance, like if you were begging for penetration, and your lips swell, more and more, poutier, glossier to the extreme and even more, until you can barely say something than sounds like a word?
Well you just got it!

And, of course, a little bonus one!

The other big news is that I finally decided to make the MMOTG (MMO: massively multiplayer online) captions series, almost 2 years later. I hope you like this one! I leave you the first one.

You want even more? I started a new comic, but this time, I intend to make it different. Probably, the transformation proccess will be slower, and It'll be based on a movie, wich was a lame movie, so my comic can't be much worse.

I'll be back soon. For more frequent updates, follow me on twitter

See you soon!


  1. Nice! I love the old school cap. Very excited to see more!

  2. Oooh, can't wait for some new captions on the ways of the classics! Gotta love those freakily luscious men turned women! XD

  3. It's been sorta quiet lately... Hope everything is ok VIP.

  4. I will add my voice to the chorus that likes the super-curvy caption. I also like the start of the MMOTG series very much. I hope to see more of them in the future.

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