Saturday, November 26, 2011

In the mood for some poser comics?

After reading the comments on the previous posts (biiiiig thank you for the feedback!) I realized that I've been working on 4 different poser comics, wich lead to... None of them even half finished!

There are several reasons for that: work, study, old PC with makes rendering the images agonizingly slow...

So I thought: Is it better quality or quantity?

Today I choose quantity!
For the last 4 days, using an old comic I found and making another two in a rush (wich probably mean typing mistakes, unchecked grammar, etc. You can even see some ugly things in the cover, like the "vip" sign in the boog... awful) so hereby my friends I present to you...

Vip Comics #1!

Gathered here are short stories, comics I was not entirely convinced to make, and stuff! Let my beloved succubus tell you some stories before bedtime!

As always, for free... And bear in mind that this #1 issue could be worth millions on ebay in the future!

So don't waste any more time and get it HERE, in my 4shared folder!

There  might or might not be another comic before christmas. I can't be sure. I can only tell you, it's not gonna be about a present, girls dressed as santa and all that stuff... Let's go against marketing! Viva la RevoluciĆ³n!

Hope you enjoy it, comments / suggestions / a positive critic, are always welcome!

Wich story you liked the most?

See you soon!


  1. Some of us do not use rapidshare any way to post this as a pdf?

  2. I tried downloading it but nothing happened....

  3. - Rapidshare? It's not in rapidshare... It's on 4shared, you need WinRar to open the files, and sorry, right now I won't be doing any pdf's.

    - I checked the link and it's working!

    - MVM, you're welcome!

  4. I enjoyed them, good stories and good images :)

    I kind of missed not having pregnancy, but that's my thing.

  5. No pregnant content? :'(

  6. haha nice one! Love the humour, a bit of levity goes a long way! :]

  7. Those were pretty good. I enjoyed them all!

  8. If you use dropbox, you can get 2GB of hosted files that can be downloaded with no waiting. I know, sounds like a ad, but it's a cool service and it's free.

  9. Awesome stuff yet again! Would love to see anyone of these be honest, still think Master PC is my favourite with In the Name of Science a close 2nd....but the potential is definately there with The Docs Prescription - pick of the 3 for me. Thanks for sharing

  10. i wold like to say "doc's prescription" was a good concept, like to request if you could make full story of this
    thanx buddy

  11. Excellent work. The Doc's Prescription was my favorite as well.

    I was eager to see how Jean got her revenge on Harry for having given her a cock.

  12. I would love to see more of the adventures of "The-man". I just love how you handled this spoof, XD. I'd like to see him forced to 'call on the power!' again by someone if he were to revert. Or, if not, just see how the real "she-man"(or whatever her name is) reacts. Maybe TG her(or your version) too.

  13. Thank you very much.