Monday, January 30, 2012

In the mood for some black sugar?

Hello and welcome back!
For the first time since I returned from vacations, I have some minutes to sit down and write stuff you won't read on my blog!
This is very refreshing. That's the word: refreshing. From time to time I must bring to you something fresh to enjoy, and following some requests I ventured a bit into a terrain that I rarely went to: ebony girls!
Why I don't do enough ebony caps? Mainly because some years ago on te Y! group, I made a cap about ebony transformation and got a very angry email from an user who felt offended by it.
Believe me, I mean no disrispect/racism as I also try not to have any political or religious flags.

The captions, per se, are not that great or original I must admit - Usually the first ones I made after a vacation are mainly good for warming up my brain for the next ones to come (and I do have quite a few) but I believe you'll like them anyway.

So, let's move on to the captions!

 Yes, there's a lot of bigass here.

You like them? You hate them?  Any suggestions? leave a comment!

Also, I'll be releasing another meme I made like the last one soon. I don't know why I love so much those things!
Remember the embedded code on the last meme is broken, you must go HERE to take it.

And that's all for January. See you sson!