Saturday, April 14, 2012

So, let's take a look at what we have here...

Hi my friends!
Yet another time a month passed from post to post, but still that doesn't mean that nothing has happened!
Currently, I'm working in 3 comics, haven't decided wich one I like the best, but all of them are almost finished.
This won't be a long post, so, why don't we jump right into the captions?

This round, I'm posting a mix of classic subjects...

The first one, it has been a hard one. I thought about making a .GIF, and maybe I will, I thought about doing a small adobe or powerpoint presentation, but I believe this way it ended up best. Just scroll it down!
I'm a photoshop wizard, I know. You can worship me now :P

And, speaking about that, what if we mix it up with a little potion ingestion by mistake?

Leanne Crow seems very popular on the night lately. I wonder where her charisma come from?

Did I said mistakes? Well, in that case, what's better than a miswish?

The problem of that wish might be a bad attitude. So what about bad attitude correction with zero use of psichology?
Eventually they'll worked out their problems. I love happy endings!

Or you might have good communication, and even a supportive couple when you have difficulties accepting who you are now...


Or your couple might just turn into a mad wife, and by that definition, that makes you her sad sissy-slave slut until you accept who you are now...

Those sad eyes said everything I could not write about

Also I thought about another special series.
A preggo special series is out of the question since after making a coiuple I feel like repeating myself.
Perhaps, making more of the Asylum series?

Well, that's all folks. I must go back to work now on my real life.
I only wish I cold change my office, my education and my PC for a strip club, plastic boobs and some tiny clothes...

I Hope you like them!

Don't forget to tell me what are your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Love your captions!!

    But can't wait for your comics ;)

    Really looking forward to those!

  2. The first one really caught my eye. Have you considered more POV captions?

  3. From April 15, 2012 7:02 PM:

    Awesome captions. I look forward to the comics.

  4. wow... awesome captions! I love the belly growth, you should do an animation perhaps?

  5. Any idea on ETA for your comics?! Great caps again, but like others, hotly anticipating your next comics....

  6. I've seen your captions before on the yahoo groups, but I just now discovered the comics. Really excited to hear about the new ones coming out.


  7. I should add that I love the Master PC comic. I just keep coming back to it. I hope you'll do another Master PC comic sometime.


  8. I gotta fever... and the only prescription... is more bimbos.

  9. Whats happening Vip....not posted any updates in a month and I'm DESPERATE for more (especially comics!) Please please please reply to let us know whats happening with your work! We miss u!

  10. Love your comics. How are the 3 new ones coming along?

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