Monday, May 28, 2012

Sorry for the long wait! Shall we get up to date reading a comic?

Hi everybody!
It's been some time since the last post and I'm really thankful for the comments!

Again I was traped between my slave work and my socal life, wich make poser working (wich consumes an incredible ammount of time, specially in my low-wnd PC!) and captioning was somehow halted.

But that's over! One of the three comics is done!
and is a special one. Why you might ask?

Yeah, the cover it's not that much shocking to the eye, I know

Simply because this was originally intended to be my first story, wich I keep passing away...

So, what can you expect in "A Second Chance"? (I mean, apart from the usual typing errors):

I can tell you this, it's not a 20-pages quickie. It's a full, 9 chapters of 30 pages each comic, and for once...
It has a great ending!!!!

But don't panic. every chapter has a morph or something kinky going on, and there's almost no dialogue to read. It's more like like a selection of images with simple text in the middle. You can understand perfectly what's going on because yes, I know most of the people read the first 2 pages and then skip to the TG/TF parts.

In "A Second Chance" I tried to explore some new stuff. Hope you like it!

Also I tried to render some inages in HD with lightning effects and all that stuff almost making my PC wishing she was using word in an office instead.

So, without further wordiness, here's what you've been looking for: the download link

I really put a lot of hard work and months of work on this one.
Feedback is more than ever appreciated.

See you soon,


  1. I was a huge fan of your other works, mainly because of the lack of mind changes. Mind changes do add a lot more realism to TG stories, but they remove the desirability of the changes. By desirability, i mean that (for me at least) the best part of TG stories is to imagine yourself as the character. To be able to use a master PC program and turn yourself into a girl, or have a scientist turn you into a smoking hot chick, would be totally awesome. But when a mind change is added, it removes that affect, because who wants to be forced to act like a stupid bimbo-slut for the rest of their lives? I would never want to be the guy in this story you wrote, and so that removed a lot of what makes TG stories/comics great. I like your style, and the AP scene was great, but this one really didn't do it for me. Additionally, i could be wrong, but i think showing a child's genitals qualifies as child porn. Something to look out for.

  2. Thank you for your quick feedback!
    And thank you for such a complete review.
    I'm sorry mind changes are not your thing, but I like to try different things from time to time. Maybe it didn't work for you but it did work for others?
    Anyway thank you. I hope you'll find next ones more interesting for your taste.

    Never thought about the child part. It has no sex involved, I thought it was a bit risky yet OK.
    I'll ask around and see if it needs to be corrected.

    Thank you again!

  3. Hii..
    I must say i really love this story.
    the transformed to a kidd.and then to a lil girl..
    And grow up to a sexy young a it..
    And he becommes more and more a girl in her minde to..trying not to be..but in the end is a girl in the minde
    And i love the "in the name of sience.."

    More of this PLEASE!!!!!

    WELL done...

  4. 4share says: The file is not valid :/

  5. I have to admit, I really didn't care for the story. The animation was great. I really don't know what to put here... I want to put something though, let you know people read it =p.

  6. I thought this comic was awesome i have to be honest my favorite part had to be the excuse nikki helped leo with at the school *giggle*

    Mr. Smith:"How did this when did you? Yesterday you were..."

    I was a combination of highly turned on and laughing for the pure comedy element

  7. Epic comic. Thanks. Your works isgreat.

  8. This review contains serious spoilers!

    My first reaction was that I didn't like the story, all because of that epilogue. But then I realized that the same thing that made me not like it is what made it brilliant.


    Reading it through, all the way up to the fake "end" at the end of chapter 8 it seemed like a fairly standard TG tale, the new girl is horny all the time, becomes a stripper, etc. Right down to getting the girl in the end. Good one-handed reading, but not so much else.

    Then the epilog. Oh my, ouch. Throw a bucket of ice water on a hot fantasy. But you know what? It has the effect of rewriting the entire story. It's now sort of an after-school special/lifetime original story of a girl making bad decisions, getting hooked by the wrong crowd and destroying her life in the process. It made certain scenes stick out differently and gave it depth.

    How many TG stories just stop at the first ending, versus how many take the long view? If you think about it, that's really the only way most bimbo stories can end. But it's something that is rarely seen.

    That's why I think the epilog raises it from fun wank material to something great.

    Your command of Poser is definitely improving, having dabbled with version 1.0 of that, I am amazed at what it can produce now... with a lot of work.

  9. Thanks for all the feedback!

    - DeeDee, thanks for such a complete review. I'm glad you liked it! As i said it was originally a written story, so it had a good ending. Just trying to balance things between hot & story development

    - Putte, I don't know if I can make another with so much character development soon. But it's great to see you happy!

    - Anonymous: I loved making that part. Preggo schoolgirl was mandatory!

    And thanks for all the downloads!

  10. As a long time fan, since the first group, and each proceeding group, and now the blog, I rarely commented, but I felt that I had to start now, after this comic.

    I must say I adored this comic.

    Its hard to find a good comic/caption/story these days that incorporates an age regression theme along with the needed mental changes for that age. You were able to do it really well, and I great enjoyed the entire segment, and only wish that there was more of that chapter to read. Would kill to see more of it.

    That said, I was a little put off by the risque choice of the outfit and nudity. It made it seem a bit too much for what it was, and I think the outfit choice could have been more age oriented then it was, and would have been better for that portion.

    Going forward, I also loved the age progression happening as a semi-accident and slowly progressing more and more into a bimbo aspect, however the story seemed to bounce around quite a bit after that point and become a bit jumbled, but was still a good read.

    The epilogue was not exactly in the same vein, but from a writing standpoint I think that was a great way to close it out, although I would have loved to see the magic make a reappearance and perhaps effect the story.

    Overall you managed to draw me in fully with a lot of my personal favorite TFs, even if briefly. I can't wait to see where you go in the future are your work had gotten better each time its been posted.

  11. Thanks for the comic! It's easy to tell lots of work into it. The only critique, or comment I can mention, is would prefer to see less lesbian action from the transformee, and more straight sex.

    This is purely a preference thing, and can't speak for everyone, but I know there's a big crowd for my preference as well. Thanks, and looking forward to your next two!

  12. Great work and art.

    But... (just for statistics)... I prefer happy endings (or sort of) to mind-break or self-destruction ones.

    Thanks for your comics

  13. As usual not only great but execellent this time,,,,,,,

  14. Awesome comic. I really liked the shifting through various phases. Keep it up VIP!

  15. Well done. Thank you.

  16. I can't download Second Chances or Quest for Glory. Both fail after about 120 Mb.

  17. Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. This is a nice comic. The Part with the AR isn't so my thing put for the story it is ok. The end could have different ways. With her former youthfull looks she could get very famous as other big boobed models.

    Good to see that you are still on work VIP.

    By the way, i am not longer on Yahoo or DEvArt, can you change the Link please?

  19. any news on a release date for the next comic

    i am not asking for exact because anything can pop up but an approximation would be nice

    pretty please and thank you in advance :)

  20. I really liked this story. Good pictures and even better plot. I liked the transformations and the the sex. I especially liked how the story had a happy ending. But if you went onto the epilogue the story had a hotter nastier ending. Way to go!

  21. great comic but it could be better without nude images of a child on chapter 1. maybe same scenes with some cloths/underwear.

    hope, you release other 2 soon.

    thank you

  22. OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhh i am o so impatient i loved this comic and it has been almost a month since release i am wondering when the next one will be posted if an exact date cant be given just an approximate please
    :'( / :')

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  25. wow, that a lot of feedback! thanks you!

    It is so pleasing to see that something you put so much effort on is well-received!

    Right now I have no release date for the next ones. But I can tell you it won't be another long one. There's still a couple of comics being made in the lab...

    I¡ll try to post some caps today. It's been a while (again) since my last post...

  26. slightly confused by the same post appearing 3 times twice by VIP once by Martin en el Mundo but ok i have seen stranger thing on the internet

  27. sorry i posting a comment here just to work out time zone difference because when i made a comment a while back and i notice time was different so i using this comment to work it out

    sorry again

  28. PST (pacific standard time) thanks for bearing with me

  29. Impatient anon is impatient... but polite i shall wait longer for the soon to be posted caps