Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm happy.

Yes, I am. Very very happy and inspired.
It has a lot to do with the last post and all that great feedback I got

29 comments so far, all with respect, some complete reviews, thanks you for those comments and all the love! THANKS!

I was affraid when I released "A Second Chance"... It was long, and had a couple of weird thing in it... but I see it turned out just fine.

That's the best of it. That you liked it. That what people who are real artist and not hobbyist like me use for food.

But before the caps...
Just a couple of things you should know!

1) There's another poser comic called "A Second Chance", done before me by the great CBlack. I had no idea it existed, I never tried to stel the name or nothing. I guess it's not that much of an original name.

2)  speaking about stealing, I saw a comic called "MASTER-PC PART2.0", done by sgomma3. I won't provide a link to it. I just saw it and my thoughts about it are...


Dude, not cool. Ask for permission first. Say "inspired by", whatever, you do not grant yourself permission to continue the story like that, let alone while the one who made the original (that's ME) it's still active!
Do one of your own.
At least change the cover, don't be so cheap!!!!!

Sorry. This guy going behind my back got my into my nerves.

3) Amazeroth, what happened? did you retire? I loved the style of your artwork! Please provide a new link... Or reconsider your choice!

Ok then, if you read all that, you have my blessing and you may check out the captions...

Tell me... Wich one was your favourite?

That's all for today. See you soon!


  1. You know what this have to give us a Part 2 to your Master PC comic. I know I'm looking forward to it.


  2. Yea i know that problem with Art Thiefs. It is a lot of work to create good pictures and some people think they can use it for free or without asking for permission. It is ok that someone use what i createt, but i say the same: Please speak with me before, that is why i have a clear siganture in my works.

    Sure VIP, i deleted my Yahoo Group in April after i got over 753 Spam Bot Attacks and hacks in just two weeks. It was to much. What i didn't know at this time was that DevArt banned my account three weeks later permanently. They said my work is to pornographic for the community and i restart on

    and on

    to reupload my old and new work (alot of pictures since may, mostly on Hentai Foundry).

    I also plan to start a blog like you here on Blogger and think about it to close the commission section and create, like Bust Artist or Snaketrap, a Comic selling Blog, but that is just future ;) Also i createt a new e-mail adress just for fans of my work, it is

    I also like your new captions you showed. My favorites are the second with the "milkcow" and the third with the Wii Controller. Just wished that her boobs in the third picture would be even bigger, but that is ok. The storys are very nice, i really loved the idea of the milk cow and the gf, mostley it is that the boy want to turn his girl into a milkcow....

    Thank you and hope to hear from you.
    Jim / Amazeroth

  3. The milking one and the remote control one! I totally love them!!!! thanks!!!!

  4. The remote, the milking one and the speeding ones were my favorite. I really can't get enough of those remote ones. The only thing better is when you photoshop them. I actually think your photoshopping skills kick ass.

  5. At least sgomma3's version is horrible. He did say it's a fan comic but it's not very clear. I think it's the language thing, his English is horrible.

  6. The Remote Control cap was great

  7. The remote control one was a really good one. I've read your caps on and off over the years and noticed that your english has gotten much better! Thanks!

  8. The remote, milk and nurse one are great !

  9. whats the name of the model in the milk cap?

  10. Thank you for the feedback!

    - Amazeroth, it's great to know that you're still out there. I'll update the links...

    - I see the remote one has some fans! I'm glad, it's a bit time consuming to make, but I love them too!

    - The name of the girl in the milking one is Karina Hart

  11. great captions. the control one is my fav, great details for the person. favourite model is the nurse though. who is she?

  12. great captions. the control one is my fav, great details for the person. favourite model is the nurse though. who is she?

  13. Stockade one is dark and sexy.

  14. for the captions i was torn between the milk barrel one and the police pull over it felt like the choice between lactation or breast expansion and i cant choose between the two

    however i did want to ask because i am a big fan of your comics have you got any idea when we can see the next one, i am not asking for a exact date just a rough guide e.g. late/early/mid July/august/(please no) september

  15. Although all your caps are good,I liked the last one the best.

  16. C'mon VIP, you always make us wait crazy long for the next update. Please come back soon. I miss your remote bimbo caps.