Sunday, April 21, 2013

You want all my old captions? Here you go (and forget about Y! Groups)

You recognize this banner, don't you? Yes, it's first one I used on my Blog, back in... September 2009!
But Opening this blog wasn't the beginning.
Everything started in November 2004 (9 years ago!) using the revolutionary Y! Groups. Since that day, well, a lot of things changed (My English was just terrible)!

My Logo progression. As you see, I had a very advanced Photoshop skill level when I started.
Actually, I wanted to name myself "Viper Captions", but the word Viper was too long for the tiny images that Internet provided by the time (about 1/4th of the size I use now!). Too late I realized that VIP means Very Important Person... And I'm not one by any means, but the damage was already done.

Recently, one comment asked if it could be possible to get my old captions without having to use Y!.
I had the idea, but it was a hard work: I made more than 1750 captions already!

Since I always read comments and try to give you what you want, I decided to provide you with them
I'll upload them to my 4shared folder in separated .RAR files, from # to A, B to D, and so on, because only after I set up this Blog I decided to put "vip_" before the caption name.

Today, You'll get # to A. 
There are 89 Captions in this file.
What can you expect to find inside? Here, take a look!

And finally, the link: download them clicking HERE.

You need WinRar to open the files.

Soon I'll upload B to D

Thank you for staying with me and have fun together all this wonderful years!


  1. Thank you, I've been enjoying your captions since your very first yahoo group!

    1. You're welcome! I'm very glad to know that!

  2. Congratulations VIP. I know, it isn't allways easy to be an Artist / Captioneer. Some people don't like the pictures other have a problem with the way you wrote and other goes with an Halo to bed so it is glad to see that you are still active. I remember that time as i joined your first group on Yahoo. I had mine T_BE_G Group on Yahoo with me first drawings since 1998....well it is so much time... For the next 9 years!

    1. Thanks, Amazeroth! You do have a nice and longer career on your back. I always loved your artwork. Cheers for another 9 years indeed!

  3. That is a lot of time and captions.
    I liked a lot the older ones too. thank you!

    1. ÇThanks you. Some people liked more the old ones, something I should consider for the near future.