Friday, February 7, 2014

... In the meantime, Witch Wifes Stories are back

I have great news for you.
First, I want to thank you all for the amazing feedback on VipComics #3. I have my doubts about it since VipComics deals with different fetish, but adapting and finishing cancelled comics worked out great. "Happy Birthday Boss" seems to be the favorite by a long shot!

About the great news... Next week a new comic will be released! For the first time ever I'm posting another poser comic in a very short period. It required some time, but I scheduled my free time correctly some time ago and i'ts almost done.

It's a bit of a special one for me, and I gave the artwork special treatment.
you'll see... I won't spoil it. you can wait just a few days more.

Now that you've read that, let's get on with the Captions!

It was not my intention to upload more Witch Wifes Stories for a couple of weeks, but following the comments, I realize you wanted more, so... Here you go! and don't worry. There are plenty more of this mini-series waiting for their time to get posted.

So let's get on with it. And remember, this captions are meant to teach all of us a lesson. for example...

Women generally are very insecure about their bodies. Jus't dont makethem believe you do not like the way they look... And even less suggest something!

Also, they expect you to help them with the house work. They're not happy feeling like slaves or maids...

Most women think that men are genetically unfaithful bastards.
Just... Don't gave her silly excuses, they're not dumb.

When your wife or girlfriend is pregnant, remmeber, even though it might scare you at first to get inside her where your child is growing, they're still women with urges and needs!

Thank you for the great support! I await for your comments, tell me wich onw's your favorite and what you want to see next!
See you in a week!


  1. Woo! I've been checking all week for these!

  2. I'm excited about the upcoming comic. Great work on the caps. Keep it up VIP!

  3. I have also been checking back often for updates. I love Fridays. All of the caps were amazing VIP, but I have to say I really liked the very first one. Those big pink lips and big... well you get the idea. Hopefully we see more voluptuous and pouty women. You're the man VIP!

    1. Yeah, Fridays are the best. Nothing like their ugly cousins, Mondays.
      If only I knew who that hot plastic babe is!

  4. thanks Vip! another set of good captions. Can't wait to see your comic coming out ^^

  5. Thanks VIP!
    I liked the second one the best.
    Her tight and sexy little belly, the tight jeans hugging her curves, the naughty expression on her cute face... And of course the fact that her wife cast a spell on her that compells her to behave like he thought a woman should and making her have sex with her male best friend while the wife listens in... So hot!

    1. Ha! it's a good one. The girl (Hannah Hilton) is amazing!

  6. I really enjoy these 'witch' captions, especially when they involve revenge or curses, please keep them coming.

  7. perdon por la desesperacion pero tus comics son lo mejor de la web, cuando vas a subir el proximo???

  8. Ooh another comic you say? I'm excited! :)

  9. Your comics and stories of men in mindless sexy ladies. (fetish)

    Is my absolute favorite Home / comics ever

    Looking forward to your next Comics / work

    Dreams come true in thought
    Thank you for your great work

    1. Thanks for your kind words Albumhunter!

      There is one comic I'm doing you'll like a lot then... just wait!

  10. Really love the first one with Carl..Carfolly what u wishes it may come truth..hehe..
    But do anyone know whom this girl is (not Carl now)..Im greatfoul for a i maby can do my own story (Loooove Bimbo Stories)

    1. I have no idea who she is, I'd love to know too!