Friday, June 26, 2015

Tip: extracting text from comics

You don't speak english? You find youself copying maually the text from the comic into a translator?
That was a real pain in the ass!!
Surely there's something we must do to help you...

But of course there is! It's online, and it's FREE!! (I love free stuff!)

Do the following:
1) Download and /or open the comic and extract it in a folder of your choosing

2) Go to or do a google search for any other online free OCR converter
3) Upload the JPG files (comic pages)

A big big Thank You to the "Anonymous" user who left a comment in the last post providing this solution for those of you who don't speak english


  1. Explaining in English how to extract and translate the text. I like it :)

    1. Well, I cannot explain in every language... I think the images makes it dumb-proof thought!

  2. Ooh, I guess my tip was useful for once. :) Thanks for making a post out of it for those people who have trouble with the English language. And I'll post less anonymously from now on. :P

    1. I have no problem with people posting as anonymous, really, I just wanted to give you the credit. It will help a lot of people! Great contribution!

    2. Oh, I don't mind using a more recognizable name. I just didn't think it was possible without using an account of some sort. :D