Friday, August 21, 2015

Yes, it's coming

Yes, yes, the final day it's coming tonight, but be warned! I'm trying to finish the aternative ending and I'm very tired, so I'm going to take a much needed nap before uploading it.

I don't know if I have enough strenght in me to finish the alternative ending today, I'll see after the nap, but nevertheless, you'll get the original ending anyway... ant it's around 100 f**king pages long!

Ooops!... Spoiler?

Going to sleep a couple of hours now... I hope the gipsy won't visit me in my dreams


  1. Hope you have a nice nap. Are you really sure you don't want the Gipsy visiting you? Tiffany is having so much fun now!

  2. Love your work.
    Have a good nap.
    I can wait some m ore.

  3. filling me from that is so hot ps: email is coming

  4. Tyler received a phone call from his friend Kevin to go to the football field.

    When they arrived. Tyler could not resist joining the cheerleaders squad shouting "V I P V I P VIPCaptions, you have finished the storie. Congratulations. "

    Tyler moved his arms, jumping up. :D

  5. I hope that it isn't a case of complete identity death...

  6. I cant stop refreshing this Site xD

  7. As long as it coming and it's a detail thing we're not complaining.

    Hail Tiffany!

  8. You sir, are a god among....3D porn modelers.

  9. Thank you and I look forward to seeing your hard and much appreciated work tomorrow.