Friday, February 13, 2009

My first Poser Comic!... Vacations are over...

So, vacations are over, we are back to work and we are entering a new year. I decided to make some changes.
I don't have many caps to upload, instead, i've been trying my hand at 3D design with a great free program extremely easy to use called
DAZ Studio, and the result is my first poser-like comic: Omega Planet.

You can grab it at the Y! group or in my new 4shared folder (where I encourage you to upload comics in the Contributions folder), also I uploaded a .rar file if you prefer to download it.
The plot may not be an award winner and there might be some imperfections, remembert his is my first comic of this kind, it requires many days to come up with the final result, so please be kind and just enjoy it.

Here are some previews:

So... what do you think?


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  2. Great comic, its amazing for being your first. Keep up the great work!

  3. Good work! The transformation sequence is great, but I feel the actions need some more explanation. This "guy" is pretty rough with himself. But then, maybe I think too much... Nevertheless, I enjoyed it tremendously!


  4. Excellent twist!!! Loved the irony!!!

  5. Pretty crazy, but well done! Keep it up!

  6. This is a great story. Intriguing plot too.


  7. great work. Love the preggers at the ending. If I have one request more pregnant tg captions please.

  8. Excellent!!!
    Cannot wait for your next one!!!

  9. Hi!

    First of all. Whoa, this is a lot of security to just write a comment.
    Second, wants to congratulate you on your poser comic, great fun to watch 'n read! It's nice that you started a 4s' folder also so other people can contribute and share their works, but there's one problem.

    You can't upload anything, maybe I's just me, but I can't find any upload button or function on the site. Would be appreciated if you can look it up, or give some detail information how to upload files in the folder.

    Anyways, always fun to watch your work man, good luck in the future!

  10. Awesome comic! You do a great job! The transformation was intense and the action was believable. Way to go!
    Would love to see more Poser comics! If you have the time and the energy for them.

  11. Very good commic, new type of history, can`t wait for the next chapter!! Keep the great work.

  12. OMG I'm awestruck. This is one of the best TG Preg comics I've ever seen!

  13. Thank you all!
    WonderLama2008, there aren`t so many TG pregnancy comics out there, you know any other?

  14. Theres a few at in the mrx pages.

    BTW, how do I contact you personally. I want to send you a link.

  15. Howdy VipCaptions

    Here's the link I wanted to give you:

    I made animations from this comic, and I wanted to see what you thought.