Sunday, March 8, 2009

Feeling like Rippin' some buttons today?

First of all thanks for the feedback on Omega Planet. It was a hard proyect demanding a lot of time. I'm working in something new, but I'm not completely convinced with the idea so for now, I have some captions for you!

This one is called "The no curse", and the picture is not top quelity but as soon as I saw it the story came right into my head, so here you are, and remember, if someone asks you if you like this caption... don't say NO!!

This week I'll upload another, I promise!

Anyway, that's all for now, I'll continue working on a poser comic, since in the Poll captions get more votes than comics, I'll try to deliver more of what you want, since you are not only the targt audience, also my first and most respected critics...


  1. Did anybody proofread this recap? It's got enough spelling errors to flunk a gradeschooler.

  2. Hey genious, how many languages do you speak? For better or worse I speak 3 and I'm learning a 4th one... do you even make captions, or you just leech from the web? get out of your bubble, and if you are going to criticise, do it in a possitive way, not treating other like dumbs.

  3. I can tolerate criticism if it helps me, letting me know the mistake and telling me how to fix it... just calling gradeschooler to people who doesn't have english as their native language but still try to do their best so anyone can read what they write is offensive, "anonymous"...

  4. i said no to if i like the caption jokingly and they went straight to D cups....serously

  5. i feel cheated shouldnt it go up 1 not 4

  6. Hey VIP, this is a caption i like. It is a interessting story and a wonderfull picture. And i think such captions are bether then Poser Comics. They have more feeling for me. Can't wait to see the rest you create.

    Greetings Jim

  7. Don't pay attention to that Anonymous person. I really liked the caption. The character was stuck between a rock and a hard place, haha!

  8. seems like a cop-out. You may speak 90 languages. Is english your first?
    I don't harp on spelling etc.. but I will harp on cop-outs.
    You may come back and say you are a native french speaker ... and unless you're from canada.. that's cool. God knows I make mistakes in other languages. But seriously.. every word I write comes up with a red line under it if I misspell it. look into it.

  9. OMFG... No, No, No and NO again!
    This must be one of your hottest... what's the name of the model?

    Don't worry about minor mistakes, the important thing is that we get the idea.

  10. Actually, I write directly while making the caption in photoshop, so it does not underline any writing mistakes (I guess cop-out means that), because using word and photoshop at the same time takes forever to complete every caption (and I have Word in portuguese, so it just won't work). English is my 3rd language and I'm still learning.
    But as Tim-Brenda said, sunce I do the stuff and you just download it, I care that you get the idea of the story... and it's all for free!
    Thank you all for the support! I know it seems like I use the keyboard with my feet when writing sometimes