Saturday, August 22, 2009

I told her she should buy a MAC...

Ok, first of all, I'm not recommending a MAC, I use a standard PC, and even when Vista really sucks to the point I downgraded to XP, it suit my needs at home and work. (so are we okay, Microsoft Lawyers?)

That said, Let's see what I'm bringing today! You have a short caption and my regular long one.

The long one, called
"MasterPC", based on the well known "Blue Screen of Death", that damn blue screen windows shows from time to time to screw your unsaved work. It happened to me while I was doing a caption last week! It is also inspired in a story wrote by Ed Miller (I think) wich I really enjoyed reading.
But what if... you forgot to save your work?
Well, I'm spoiling it, so just read about it. I really liked that caption and I think I'll make a poser comic soon about it.

The short one is inspired in all that religious/church/cults or whatever they want
to call themselves tham seem to be rising, like scientology, and many many more that seems so eager to help you level your bank account and brainwash you - Ok, I must shut up now. I don't want to get involved in a religious discussion, or hurt anybody feelings. Don't take my words seriously.

P.S.: I tought more people liked werewomen captions, the poll really surprised me.

Enjoy them! (and leave a comment)