Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to see the Images in their Original Size...

On the previous update I explained how to see the images on the Yahoo! group full size.
post them again so everyone can read them.

Some time ago, when you upload photos in the Photos section in the Y! Group, they were automatically resized to a crappy tiny size.
They still resize the images but there is an option to see them in the original (and way bigger) size.

How to?

1) Log into the Y! Group, and go to the Photos section

2) Choose any image. You'll se something like this:

3) If you look over the image there are 3 view size options: Medium, Large and Original.

4) Just click on "Original" size

5) You're done. Enjoy!

I hope you find this high-tech, tri-dimensional rendered, hi-def home made tutorial usefull.