Friday, March 5, 2010

My new comic: The Quest for Glory, a comic with much more than just TG fiction!

When I made my last post on moday I told you I've been quiet because I was working on something huge.
That huge think has arrived at last!

It took me more than 40 days to complete it, it was an ambitious project, but it is finally done!
I present to you: "Quest For Glory", my 5th poser comic!

And what you get by downloding it? I tell you that now: this one is not like my previous 4 comics: it contains 8 chapters where the characters will be facing situations wich involves:
- TG
- Male and female TF
- BE
- Sissies
- Pregnancy & lactation
- Muscular
- Furry
- Bondadge

"Quest for Glory" is a medieval themed comic, the images are big sized, it's easy to read and with many images per page, containing 4 main characters instead of just one like poser comics usually have. I think i made great improvements in poser such as trying new kind of morphs on the characters and using multiple light sources.
As a plus, every chapter has at least one transformation sequence if you are one of those who skips the entire comic until they reach the sequence.

The comic is inside a WinRAR file containing 8 folders inside , one for each chapter for easy reading. And don't worry, the chapters are not 40 pages long this time!

But I know you are not very much interested in keep reading this post, so go ahead and download it from HERE in my 4shared folder

So, you liked it? You enjoyed it? You have any suggestions or criticism?
- PLEAE Leave a comment!! I need feedback on this one!

See you around,


  1. I'm downloading it now and I am craving to read it. It sounds sooo promsing, i will tell you how much i liked it later =)


  2. A great one. But can you upload it somewhere else because 4shared has very low speeds?

  3. This is an amazing work VIP! It is good to see that you are still at work and this comic is awesome!

  4. Great comic! The detail in each panel was fantastic, and the story was certainly original. The ending was not what I expected, but was pretty cool nonetheless.

    Awesome work, VIP - thanks!

  5. Very good artwork. I loved the process. I myself am only into male to female human or anthro TGTF and I prefer it if a woman is the force behind the change. But great work never the less.

  6. It was worth the wait,but the death sex part was both gross and awesome at the same time.

  7. BEST one i have seen in a long time...make more plz...good mix of story and tranformations

  8. You've done it again...dont stop. Eva

  9. Vip, this comic is truly amazing. Your Best work so far. Your skills have become better with each comic.
    I love the variety of changes, and the story was good too!
    I was wondering alsi if are we ever going to see a second chapter of your previous comics are all were lost when your HDD fried?

  10. Excellent. A first rate comic.

  11. Great work! There are too many things to praise but my favourite chapter was the transformation of Seth.

    Just a really small personal gripe for future references; when you include sooo many fetishes you run the risk of turning off people who have a problem with a certain fetish or problem (e.g. I found the death scene a bit gross) but really, thats minor compared to how awesome it is!

  12. Kudos on the TG with preg!

  13. thank you all for the feedback!
    I know the TG trnsformations start at the last chapters of the comic and the death sex scene may turn some people off, but it just the way the story flows in my head. After all, seeing a little necrophilia won't "kill" anyone right?

    Im so glad you like it! In just one week it it has 1500 downloads, more than half of Master PC has!

  14. I loved "The Quest for Glory", Ican't get enough of it, and desperatly hope for more!!!

  15. AWESOME job, my man. Thanks for the effort! Can't wait to see more of this caliber.

  16. Sorry to confess,

    most of the story don't make sense.
    The motivation of the evil to transform them in a different way?
    At last, it is a stoy for fetish guys, who just wonna see transformation and don't care about the story.

  17. No problem, you can criticise in an adequate manner and I appreciate it.
    Sorry if you expected a deep story and more complex characters, there is a reason why I don't work at Marvel comics... As you said, it was a comic about fetishes with a drop of adventure and very simple characters to make it light-reading and enjoyable, after all, many (ir most) of the readers just page down until the transformation scenes otherwise!
    About the demon's motivation, you can just think that after being alone so many years he just became horny!
    Thanks for the comments!!

  18. All download links lead to malvertisment sites, am unable to download

    1. Mhm... I checked, it's a regular 4shared link, just need a gmail account to use (4shared is owned by google)


      Try that one