Friday, March 19, 2010

It's here... March UPDATE, 106 caps!!!!!

Yes, it has arrived at last, as you can see, I had much free time on my vacations, and shortly after delivering you "Quest for Glory" (wich, by the way, has been by far the most commented post and the downloads are rising every day from 4shared) I deliver you... March Update!!

What you get this time?
Well, a lot really: 106 captions!

- 80 regular captions, with the usual stuff, varied lenght, dumb blondes, you name it.
- 26 special captions: the "...Shhh..." series is finished! For all those who love mouthless girls but can't find enough on the web, I made this special series just for you, and it was a nice challenge I must admit. Give it a try, you might be surprised...

So, as usual, log into the Yahoo! group with this link (come on guys... you just need a yahoo email to be a member! don't be lazy!) and check them out, they are waiting for you!
I tried other image sources like picassa or flick, but I don't like them. They resize badly the images and the multi-image-loading system is not fast. Suggestions are welcome!

But this is not the end. I have several proyects going on:
- Another comic (actually, i have 3)
- I'm finally doing the MMOTG series! It was very delayed, I must admit.
- My first written story, an interactive story: you will choose your path and suffer (or enjoy) the transformations after your own decisions!
- A MOVIE. Yes, a movie, using poser. But I can't make any promises, I need to acquire more knowledge on how to make the movie, look for sounds, different character voices, and it just take too long and my PC is not powerfull enough.

This is my way of saying "thank you" for the feedback on my previous work. You make this possible.

If you have any suggestion, it is always welcome, after all, it was a suggestion what gave me the idea for the "...Shh..." series.

Comments? Ctitics? Suggestions? Leave your comment!



  1. Holy Cow. 106? Thank you for all of your efforts.

  2. I gotta say this round was super disappointing.For ages I had been building the anticipation of the next wave of preggo caps, only to have a tiny handful of extremely weak preggers...and the SSShhh series gets 26? Very sad. Well you do still provide quality, perhaps next time. Thanks for your hard work.

  3. whats the big march update pic from?

  4. I did not see the Shhh Series, it isn't my typ of transformation, but your TG Captions are like allways...FANTASTIC!

  5. Thanks for the feedback!

    Frontios, I can't always deliver a load of preggos, I love them, but good images are not so easy to come by, and I wanted to try something new... If I had your skill drawing, I would do them myself.

    I can see the "Shh" was not so eagerly anticipated... don't worry, I don't think I'll do more of them soon!

  6. Don't worry about it VIP. You always do top notch work and you should always try new things. Your SHH series is exactly that.New and different. Not my cup of tea but its different and thats the bees knees. There are very few of us who provide TG+Preg anything, so I was just saying I had hoped for more. Otherwise good stuff.

  7. Vip, that was an awesome update, great captions!