Saturday, August 28, 2010

A bit more won't hurt...

Ok, back on track, back on captions!
20 comments? I really should stick with such mixed fetishes! It's an official record on the Blog!

Thanks for the feedback, really. What you wrote is wonderfull. Really cheers me up. I answered some of your questions on the last post. Check my comment.

Please understand, that I can't make a caption about every single fetish: not only I need an image that goes with the story and the fetish, also I like to use good, big images, images that shoot ideas in my head, and they're hard to find. This round, images are not that good, but I think they deliver the idea nevertheless...

So what's on? Let's see...

Let's start with a remix... (the remote is back! Yes, I know, Nintendo stole my remote design for their Wii)

But seeing that girl make me feel cold. She should have some fur to be more warm!

Following a request on the comments, another remix... this is the best I have for now with objects+lactation

Oh No! how could we forgotten about those big, heart shaped asses!?

That's seems to be all for now.
There's about 80 captions for the next update, I'll try to make it next week.
I'm spending time working on a new comic at the same time, but it's only 40.9999% done.

What fetish did I forgot? What can we mix, what do you suggest? help me, this is fun, leave a comment!



  1. Age regression but I don't think that your kind of stuff :D


    POV caption, looking down on their breast

    POV capton with age regression : looking up to your new mommy

    caption with asian maid :D

    caption with travel machine

    Caption with the concept of Ingrid Halb on Fictionmania : A.R.S : the reluctant Genie ! :)

    Caption with cow transformation

    Caption with shrinking women (I have seen caption with shrinking women, never with micro shrinking women ! :D )

    Okay I just proved I was insane .... :D
    Love with your caps by the way ;)

  2. Ah, now Aiko has a point. Shrinking woman, BUT with certain parts remaining the same size, just to make it awkward. Just a suggestion of course. Can't wait for the other 80!

  3. Love the ass growth, I'm a sucker for that when it's done to the sub. (Not much of a face-sitting fan I must admit.) As always the hourglass expansion and pregnancies are amazing, keep up the good work!

  4. WOW, Aiko, you have something in mind?
    I looove cow transformations! I only need the right images...

    But you got a point, POV is a must!

    Shrinking women is an idea that has been crossing my mind, i started something about it... a comic! but i left it halfway, i didn't like what i created.

    Thanks for the fast feedback!

  5. I think Bimboization is a great one that could also be fun to do.

  6. I LOVE the big assed and BBW caps, and the racial changes, esp. the ones that go from white man to black or latina woman.

  7. "WOW, Aiko, you have something in mind? "

    Not sure... Tiny woman, huge cock, shrinking when she receive sperm on her body :o

  8. Thank you thank you thank you!!! :)

    Inanimate+Lactation was awesome. The heart-shaped ass one was awesome too.

    I also like all of Aiko's ideas.

    So, you're ok with receiving images from us as inspiration, right?

  9. I'd love to see more pregnant caps. Think of the most number of pregnant caps someone could want and double it. That's half as many as I want.

    Some personal preferences (this is just me), I like caps where the guy becomes a with a man doesn't appeal to me (I know, funny for someone who wants to be pregnant). So obviously I like the guy directly transformed into the pregnant woman or being artificially inseminated.

    I like it when the guy is turned into a pregnant woman because he's been insensitive towards another pregnant woman.

    I love slow transformations where he can feel every little change.

    I prefer the guy keeping his memory, but having subtle mental and emotional changes.

  10. Oh, and for mixing fetishes...

    Undersized clothing on pregnant girl=win. Bikinis too.

    Age regression is cool. Guys aren't so tough when they're turned into pregnant teens.

    Shrinking is cool.

    Highlighting pregnant symptoms like cravings and baby moving is awesome.

    The former guy realizing he likes being pregnant is great too.

    Don't like inanimate changes.

  11. If we are talking about what we like then I have some ideas to throw out there:

    - Age regression
    - Age regression + Inanimate
    - Inanimate used by an AR victim
    - Big girls
    - Inanimate + used by big girls
    - TF into feminine clothing

  12. I guess I'll just leave my drops here..

    More weight gain, lactation, BBW, goth or ebony caps now :3

  13. Love those remote ones! Can't wait for the rest!

  14. The last one was awsome. More laytex and big rump captions would be awsome....


  15. VIP! Why have you forsaken us!?!

  16. The tiger woman is beyond captivating.