Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No Fetish Left Behind...

Wow, last post was very succesful, 16 comments must be a record on this blog.
I'm so glad to see so many people following my captions! It motivates me to do even more

I guess the comments had something to do with the fetish subject, so I made some more captions about other fetishes (of course, I can't make a caption about each fetish, but, the most common will have one).

So, in the next days I'll be probably changing the design of the Blog (it's starting to look "Retro"), clean up the links and add new ones, while i keep on producing my captions, alongside with other lots and lots of unfinished captions / comics / story / etc. wich I never ended, yes, because I'm a bit lazy.

So, about the captions and the fetishes, I noticed Asian Girl is a very common one...

Speaking about interracial changes, how about some ebony fun?

And if we add latin sissy + some milky breasts?

Or, if you're like me, probably your first fetish was multiple breasts (Oh, I remember JMorph, transformationcircle, Access and so many others digital pioneers who's work I lost track of...), you'll like this one, just excuse my mediocre photoshop...

Enjoy your freedom and comment! Is not like you are a helpless inanimate object for amusement of your master, right?

I hope to post more captions again soon if time allows me.
Perhaps you could help me by leabing a comment abou what fetishes I forgot?



  1. Very good captions.
    You forgot the "being a woman's clothing" fetish.

  2. realy nice caps the japanes are the best =)

  3. I'd like to see more japanese ones for sure. Also did you post the rest of the ones that you mentioned in the last post anywhere?

  4. Great ones, the Japanese ist my favorite too. I am curious about the 60+ captions and look everyday in your group.

  5. As long as there's big boobs, VIP is doing his job! Can't wait to see the other 60 caps!

  6. What? No big breasted bimbos? Looking forward to the rest of them.

  7. as always, great set hun. Your caps are always woth the wait

  8. Love your captions! Love the race changing caps, but my favorite fetish is age regression personally, would love to see some of those caps :)

  9. I love your caps and I like to say BE is just insult to injury

  10. Really like the Mannequin and Japanese captions.
    Helpless to control what is happening to them. Trapped in their new bodies.

  11. Totally agree with Ange!

  12. All quite enjoyable! I liked the milking one, the double breasts one, and the mannequin one especially. the first and last there are two that I particularly enjoy along with TG. Always nice to see some crossing of fantasies!

  13. Oh I love helpless and unable to move captions, I agree with them!

  14. Who's that in tme amazons pic? Or at least a source... <3 strong women.

  15. I keep coming back here to read the same captions over and over again. Its not just the captions themselves, its also the way you present them that makes a big difference. It means that I prefer to read them here than save them on my computer. :)

    I can't tell which one of these were better than the others. They were all so good.

    However, milking and inanimate make me weak at the knees. Both together would be awesome :). Now that I'm done commenting, I'll go back to being inanimate.

  16. Always a big fan of your cap's The BE and Lact are my favorite. keep up the good work.

  17. i like the latina girls caps and innocent girls.

  18. C'mon VIP... I know you're busy, but you can't be THAT busy...

  19. Thanks for ALL the feedback and the ideas! This really helps me a lot!
    I'll answer a few of your questions:

    -I'm not only busy: I'm also lazy!
    I'll try to rush the rest of the caps.
    - The amazon girl's name is Heidi Vuorela I think
    - Inanimate AND lactating? Mmhh... Interesting... I'll see what I can do.
    - Age regression? That is one of my few non-fetishes. I'll consdier it!
    - A lot of request for japanese. Perhaps, some Japanese + pregnant will suit you?


  20. Love the one with 4 tits, wish they could lactate semen though

    1. Not my cup of tea, but as long as they lactate...

  21. I like the furry and the multiple tit one. Think you could do a mix, like making a cow bimbo with four tits?