Sunday, September 12, 2010

Udating math: when 60 = 129!

First of all, I wanted to thank you for your feedback on my little campaign of "No Fetish Left Behind" and the ideas you gave me. I'll try to made the most of them for you.

Now, let's get to business...

Yes! I made it! I rushed a few ones, but after almost 6 months without any updates... The September Update is here, and it has 129 caps waiting for you!

Find all the girls you love (or love to be turned into) and other fetishes invovled, as usual, HERE, in my Yahoo! Group.
All you need is a Yahoo! mail account to join the group - so don't be lazy, the group is spam-free now, and you can also see the captions online without downloading them on the Photo Gallery.
If you have something agains Yahoo!, you can also download them as a .RAR file on my 4shared folder, where I also store my comics.

Big boobs, bimbos, sissies, sluts, forced feminization, magical changes, misswishes, curses, potions, preggos, milky tits, somination, lesbians, furry girls, interracial... And much more is waiting for you.

Sorry for making you wait so long for an update. 129 captions is my way of saying "ups, *giggle*, I'm, like, soooo sorry guys".

Now, don't expect much more from ne for at least a month. The reason I made so much caps and some of them very fast is because I have to travel to Sao Paulo, Montevideo and Buenos Aires for business and I won't be making much captions with my old notebook, and when I come back, I'll try to spend some hours on my next comic (I was making one, but I didn't like the way it was coming, so...)

So, do you like them? Tell me! Comment! Suggest!



  1. o wonderful. only just started looking thru these. reckon it'll take me a month. just think of all the things that can happen over a month! enjoy your trip. i know i will enjoy mine. all 129 of them!

  2. Ohhh!! GReat, Thank you very much..
    great Work!!!

  3. Love the prego caps! How about some pregnant Lesbian caps next time?

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Gravidophile: I'd love to make some of those, but finding good pics about the subject is very hard, or involve at least one ugly girl... I'll keep on searching, anyway!

  5. Your Captions are the best out there, thank you for the POV ones which have becaome the fave of all time, more please.

  6. Yeah, good preg les caps are rare. But maybe just caps where in the narrative the husband becomes a wife, but the wife stays a wife ;-)

  7. I've been looking at the caps ,and i gotta say:

    great work vip!!!

  8. Now all we need is some more Nurse/Maid Captions.

  9. Great Caps!
    Most of them are just wonderful.
    I love those krinky ones!

  10. I'm amazed at the quality and amount of work you do!