Thursday, January 27, 2011

It doesn't feel that bad when you do it In the name of SCIENCE!!!!! (New comic!)

A Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig hello to everyone tonight!!!

Have you enjoyed the last captions?

Want more?
Well, here you have more...

As I promised... I'm presenting my 6th poser comic... "In the name of science!"

I was hoping to release this one 2 weeks ago, but after a second reading (You might notice I rarely re-read my stuff...) I noted many mistakes, both grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes, and corrected most of them. Still, some of them must be there, so don't panic.

But... What do we get with this comic?
One thing for sure, all of you who love watching the process of a TG/Bimbofication, this one will be special.

BE AWARE! the ending is terrible, is a total crap! So I added an extra chapter...

What are you waiting for? Grab it HERE in my 4shared folder!

I hope you like it... At least enough to leave a comment, suggestion, ideas, thoughts...

PS: I read in a forum some harh critics about "Quest for Glory".
Let me remind you I'm not an English native speaker, there is a difference between criticism and helpful suggestion, please be kind, or if you prefer, next time I'll make the captions/comics in Italian, Spanish or Portuguese, other languages I can speak.
I also read that my humor scenes were very bad. Well, that's true!


  1. great comic keep up the good work and your caps in english are the best also

  2. I thought the poser characters were well done. Have seen some others where the supposedly attractive characters have strange looking faces.
    Possibly that the main characters ass is looking a bit cartoonishly large from some angles.

    The setting for the story works great for someone having so many things done to them. But the ending is silly in one version and feels unfinished in the other.

    When you created it did you have an idea where it would end? I am not a writer myself, but I think I would use a top-down approach where I start by deciding the overall plot events and the scope of the story.

  3. Well i have watched your comic three times last day and i think that it is ok and it have a good quality. Great Work VIP.

    For the language, it is oke. Not everyone could speak or wrote perfect english or has english as native language. I know what you mean that some freaks come and are rude about that what you wrote. Most time i ignored them. You can do that to :D

    See you around or on DA
    Jim / Amazeroth

  4. hey i thought the ending was really funny! where else can you go after all that erotic build up? luvved it! - jojo

  5. loved it, please keep them cuming

  6. Hey VIP,
    Great work as always! I like the poser comics and the illustration more of the changes taken place in them. It looks like a lot of effort went into it, both with the story and the actual images.

    To all your haters, they just need to remember that you do this for free for everyone, unlike many artists who sell their comics online. Thanks for all you've created and shared over the years

  7. I liked the new comic, and would love to see more along this same theme. I like when the transformed men become pregnant, but I would like to see a few pictures of them going into labor.

    It doesn't need to be graphic or anything, I just like to see the characters have to deal with labor and raising a baby afterward. Lactation is also a great topic.

  8. Well, thanks for the feedback!
    Im so glad you liked it!

    To answer some questions:
    - No, I had no idea were the story will end. I just thought about the begginig and let the story go alone. Thats why the edning is kinda lame and the other ending feels unfinished...
    - Going into labor... That was the original idea on the bonus
    chapter, but i just could get it right, and I don't have a baby model yet... so, next time maybe!

    See you all around!
    Jim/Amazeroth, thanks for the support, as always!

  9. Thanks, I liked the first chapters a lot. Later it got a little dull. But hey good work altogether.

  10. I've been trying for 2 days to download your latest comic and my connection is amazingly slow and I keep getting dropped when I'm about halfway through. Would you consider putting it on another download site like ? Life would be so much easier if you'd do that :-)

  11. Great story. The ending was more funny than lame, so don't beat yourself up too much about it. Perhaps there could be a second story?

  12. Great comic. Love your pregnancy/milking caps, so the comic was great. As for people whining about grammar and such, it never detracts from the awesomeness of the caps/comics. They're just jerks. Keep up the good work. :)

  13. Hi
    I don't download the comic " in the name of science!!! He marks The file is endomaged Or the file does not exist!!!

    thank you



    I downloaded yesterday and it works...

    LOVE IT!!

  15. "The file link that you requested is not valid" please help me thank you


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  17. eh..hi..
    I have down loaded some from u before..and i really like it :)
    But..i cant down load this dosent exsist??
    Pleas help me so i can download it..


  18. Hey; like your work, & thanks for posting it! for me, it could be improved by more costume changes, and less pregnancy, but that's personal taste. Your transformation scenes are exquisite.

    Anything new planned? Caps or Comics?

  19. Fantastic update, it looks like you have put a bucketload of work into this! Thankyou!

  20. Thanks for all the feedback!

    Chris, I check the the download link and its working.

  21. keep up the awesome work, love ur comics and captions, they are top notch

  22. The link seems to be down again. here's the message:

    "The file link that you requested is not valid."

    Please reupload. :)

  23. Yes, the link is still down. Please mirror or reupload please!

    Thanks :)

  24. Just confirming that the 4shared link is indeed not working at the moment: "The file link that you requested is not valid." appears after you wait for the 60 seconds and click on the download link that then appears.

  25. I like how the different emotions were used as catalysts for the transformation.

    The scene with the penetration machine in the upright position always drives me crazy. It would be incredible to have that kind of stimulation.

  26. Thank you all!!
    I've fixed the link.

    Princess Lilly, thanks. I loved it too!

  27. It was awesome, thank you. Looking forward to more comics:P

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  29. amazing work please keep doing what you do !!!!

  30. My favorite comic, still read it again from time to time, love the "forced" theme, with tests and experiments. Thank you for your work!