Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thanks for the Feedback + 7 new captions!

Well, a lot of time passed since "In the name of Science" was released and I can see there are more of you who liked it than hated it.

Thanks, thanks for the feedback!
I love feedback!... I feed on it...

Currently I am arguing with myself because since I got a lot of comments, I feel more motivated and I want to make a new comic... the only problem is that I got 4 different ideas, and started all together! I guess in the next days I'll decide wich one to complete.

If you want to help me a bit... just vote on the poll!

Let's get to business, to the mere reason why you are here, shall we?

Today I'm posting 7 new captions. What you get?
- big, unwanted, helpless preggos!
- Mind alteration... Or just becoming who you really are?
- A classic: Miswishes!

Grab'em and enjoy!

(I love this sissy nurse one!)

Again, thanks for the comments!

See you around, if the new comic comes out soon or my demons force mo do more captions!



  1. It's been too long since you last posted... I love this assortment!

  2. good to see you are back, vip. more please?

  3. Great work, as usual!

  4. Awesome job, Its been awhile since you posted but it was worth the wait

  5. I vote for whichever comic has more pregnancy TG in it. Your comics are always nice.

  6. Agree. I would love more pregnancy TG. Also loved the 'future bimbo' line. It added a nice level to the pic.

  7. Totally agree with you both. I love those preggos becoming dumb bimbos!

  8. You are one of the few authors who do preggo captions, and do them so well and so often. We rely on you for our preggo fix. :)

  9. I love the french maid one and the beach one.

    The beach one in particular got to me. It made me think of lots of possibilities. I generally love all the situations where two friends of same age get changed into two people of different ages. It can be fun as well even if you start with two women of the same age. The younger one may earn a lot of spankings too if she is uncooperative :).

    I also like the nurse one because it is "guilt-driven".

  10. Thanks for the feedback!
    Good images of Preggos are hard to find, but I intend to keep on doing them for a while!

  11. I'd sure like to have someone try that remote on me!