Sunday, March 27, 2011

"In the name of Science" - Link Fixed

Hello again! Thanks for the comments, ideas, criticism, etc., thanks a lot!

Lots of comments were about an error in 4shared with the download link of my latest comic.

The new link is THIS ONE

I'm sorry for the trouble... I've been busy and forgot to reupload the comic.

See you soon! Enjoy this new caption,



  1. link not working...

  2. It's working! Thanks for the reup!

  3. i yes i sure wish and wan to look like this oh please who really wants to be male when you could be a girl like this i sure would rather be a girl like this then to continue on as a male i mean really having breast and a pussy instead of a penis come on!

  4. link working, best comic so far! very good.
    Could only work a little the final part.

    Keep the good work!


  5. I'm loving the new captions! Can't wait for the rest of the haul!

  6. Thanks for fixing the download.
    I loved it!!! Great work, even with the weak ending!
    Can we see more? A sequel?
    Awesome captions as always!

  7. I enjoyed the new comic, and the ending made me laugh. No worries :D

  8. Wow excellent comic - many thanks! I liked the slow conversion, and then the mental changes alongside the physical ones, and the shemale "hulk" was a great choice for the sex partner. I liked how the story moved through distinct phases.

    I thought the "weak" ending was quite funny - I think all it would have needed to cap it off would have been a panned-back shot of her face, if you could capture an expression of embarrassment/shock.

    The only thing that didn't do anything for me was the pregnant protagonist - but that's just me.

    I'm just thinking of other possible endings ... hmm perhaps the scientist could have been working with aliens, adapting their technology to start supplying a steady stream of converted males for sexual purposes...?

    Wonderful comic, though - one of the best I've ever read.