Sunday, April 24, 2011

Monday... Long, hard, boring f***ing monday

Monday sucks. Yes, it does.
First day of the week and you have to work / study / etc., and even wait another 4 days to have some time off?
Yes, it sucks.

So let's do something to cheer this damned monday a bit, shall we?
A little bimbo thinking might help you.

Now i want you to say with me... *giggle*!
Ok, ready?


"Like, I knew you wouldn't, like, do it, duh"

And, if you still don't feel better, here are 3 caps (yes i was in a long-writing mood) that I hope will cheer you up.

Ohhh I want to squeeze myself between them...

and suck this ones 'till death

There, better?
Remember! Trust me on this one!

Just go, look at yourself at the mirror, smile a little and just say...



  1. I, like, loved them, giggle!

  2. Love the captions! How bout some big breasted bimbos with big lips and hips or something!

  3. I require more bimbo caps! More I say!

  4. Great caps! We all want more!! :)

  5. Just stumbled across your blog... Awesome stuff! I especially enjoy the 'malevolent' theme that's present in many of your captions. Unwilling victims and bad endings are definitely my thing! :)

    Keep up the good work!

  6. Love your captions and your comics. I especially like how you're venturing out from the typical bombshells and covering other types of girls like fat and muscular ones. Would love to see more and hope we can chat and maybe even brainstorm sometime.