Sunday, May 29, 2011

Today: Brunnete's day

Hello everyone! Hard to believe it's been more than a month since last update!
Seems that as you grow older, you have less and less time for this... But still time enough.
I was looking at the poll results, I never noticed so many people still read image-less stories and let their imagination fly! When I'm done with the new comics projects, I'll post a list of stories to get started with.

As ususal, I'd love to thank you for leaving your comments! As I said before, I love comments, I feed on comments, my preciousss comentsss, and they're the reason why I still do this.

Checking some numbres... Almost 100 captions are in store waiting for the new update! Next post will probably be it, and you'll be able to download the caption pack from the Yahoo group or the 4shared directory... Just wait a bit more, a tiny bit!

So, grab a taste of what's coming soon. You might not read it on the news and have a nice surprise like he did...

"No news? That's good news"

Secretaries, ohhh lovely secretaries....

Ghosts, past lives, deep secrets across time... still hot girl!

Yep. It is a total, drunk and lousy bimbo.

The tip... The tip such a special place...

Well that's all for today!
I hope your monday goes away fast and hopefully never come back to hunt you!



  1. I'm excited about your update! Please include more pregnancy caps! I know that there's a hint of one in the first cap, but I want to see some bulging bellies, damnit!

    Keep up the good work.

    (PS: Gorillas actually have extremely tiny one would ever be in danger of one in that way :) )

  2. Awesome caps! Can't wait for the rest of them! Keep those big breasted bimbos coming!

  3. i dunno, i guess some more comedy type ones lol. maybe some goth girls!

    also as i note i tried going tot he tg links you have and alot of them arent up anymore, you might wanna go threw and take out the ones that dont work anymore.

  4. Nice caps Dude. I am curious about the rest of your works. In the last time it is hard to find some really good captions.

  5. How bout some more magic remote ones? Those are always great. Keep up the good work!

  6. Has been more than a month, i feel mysqlf draging your site from 'visit once a day' to 'visit once a week'...