Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Help me help you!

Half October has passed by and I'm fighting my attention dissorder, yet I'm very positive about some good news:
- Next week might be a new poser comic uploaded
- The week after a long posposed caption pack (around 140 captions I think)

Yet, I happen to have the bad habbit of brainstorming whenever I'm bored, and my brain has overflown with ideas for poser comics. Sadly, I never think about the endings...
But the thing about ideas, is selecting how the story will be told. I mean, does the main character entered into a MAU, or touched a cursed stone?
I would love to know in wich way of getting TGed you like to see the most for my future stories!



ALSO, if you want to download this set of images you can grab them from HERE, in my 4shared folder

And thank you for the comments in previous posts!


  1. Nice little bonus comic. Looking forward to the one maybe coming next week!

    Personally, Im all for the magic transformations like touching a stone, other than MAU.

  2. I like TGs, preferably bimbo, that involve the person changing while having sex. I also like TGs that involve animal TFs like cat, dog, etc. ;)

  3. Gotta love the gradual bimbo-transformation, where the victim does his/her best to resist the changes happening to his/her body and mind.. Needless to say the victim can only resist for so long and eventually ends up a brainless, slutty bimbo with tits the size of basketballs, a tiny waist, a big round booty and lips that were made to suck cock!

  4. Im a fan of mis wishes, magic, and changing your race as well as gender. I prefer to keep the mind intact. I like gradual physical changes, and i like the changes to be polar opposites of the original character , so yes i like the women to be voluptuous. I like happy endings, both kinds, for the most part, but unhappy ones, at least for the one transformed, are fun too.

  5. I like miswishes and devices. And i like the person to get stuck in female form because of a unwanted pregnancy :D maybe a good hung futa who impregnated him intentionally.

    If my english is not good to read, i am sorry. Im from Germany.

    And b the way, i dont thnk i ever told you, but your Art is AWESOME!!!

  6. Awesome little poser comic VIP. I prefer the remotes, magic transformations, and parts of the girls body growing or shrinking unevenly like in the pic with the needles injecting different parts of her. That shit is awesome. I also agree with the gradual bimbo TF's. Big ol' titties and fat cock sucking lips. You just keep making those bimbos buddy. Keep up the good work!

  7. Reading some of the comments maybe missed the idea....

    My ideal vip comic would feature guy and girl changing bodies during sex and the more they have sex as opposites the more they "grow" into perfect ideas of girls/guys - ie super busty, super hung, etc, etc. I'm all for detailed transformations and would love to see a bit of giantess & muscle growth. Always wondered how the futa girl got to the way she was in "In the Name of Science" :)

  8. OK, so here's what I'd like.

    I'm not big on pregnancy. Personal preference but I'm into some weird shit and still have no idea why TF it is sexy.

    But here's what would make your ccomics better, IMHO

    Most nude chicks in poser look pretty similar. I'm (obviously) not against nudity but costume changes massively add to the scenarios. Too much nudity is just dull. That school comic you did was exceptionally good in this regard.

    Not realism in terms of the transformation, but realism in how the person would have to react and deal with it. What happens AFTER the transformation. Did the cow girl just stay there forever with a blindfold on? How would others react in the street to a bimbo with ridiculous breasts/devil girls etc. Getting some practicalities in there that normal people would struggle with makes it so much easier to immerse yourself in the situation. There's more to finishing a comic than a flash forward or a shot of the transformee in their new form. Again, the Schoolgirl comic was good for this.

    TL;DR Less pregnancy, more costume changes, you're awesome.

  9. I prefer chnages done by the user himself, and changes where the user makes themselves sexier in the female form. Master PC is the perfect example, where a guy can decide he wants to try being a girl, so he turns himself into his dream girl, and then decides he wants a nicer ass or bigger tits, so then he makes those changes. That is the stuff i love.

  10. i've always enjoyed the irony of transformation stories where the guy is transformed as punishment but then grows to love it and tries make the change even more extreme and maybe even finds a way to alter whoever transformed him. although it goes without saying bimbo and anything with BE is a 10 in my book.

  11. I think go with something accident, like magic item, or curse. It mustnt be on purpose. Main hero doesnt likes those changes. Maybe he have a friend? i think try female for once (not sure about this choice, both can be good). Changes going slowly. too fast not interesting. In the end it will be "bimbo" but dont over do it. Too huge is bad and unrealistic. Main character doesnt lose his mind. He begins to like other things. Trick with lips was good. And your work as whole is awesome. Good luck!
    I like furry (cow, dragon)but i dont know how to do good ending for furry. Maybe do partly like in HOLY. Almost human.

  12. Maybe transformation through sex like in weird hentai manga.

  13. I really like BBW, black milky women, cow morphs and non-tg forced crossdressing and humilation, if that helps, and a slow, unwilling change is always fun to read.

  14. I like cursed objects, like a guy touches an ancient asian object and turns into an asian girl who cant speak english anymore, that could lead to interesting situations, so the guy is trying to dispel the curse and by the time passes the power of curse is increasing, turns the guy more and more into slutty asian bimbo (the curse adept to modern times)

  15. wow! lots of feedback! thank you so much! I think I'll take a couple of ideas if they can be made

  16. well for me id have to say id like to see more male into bbw, and of course big tits and ass's are always welcome on any shape of newly transformed person. but i always preferred it to be forced on them from some one else, either a woman or futa.

  17. I would like to see a comic with a guy being slowly changed into a bimbo by a witch because of him rejecting her in some way. The witch also gives chances to reverse the guy but the guy keeps being arrogant and the transformations keep on getting more drastic until finally ending with pregnancy.

  18. How about a Halloween TG one in which the costume bits (horns, wings, etc...) become real, resulting in something like your demoness in the teaser.

  19. In my favorite stories the trasformation is slow, made with science or technology more than magic.
    The protagonist fights against what is happening to him.
    At the end he/she is no brainwashed or sex-addicted or totally a bimbo; he/she accepts what happened, and try to be happy and make the best from it.
    And, of course, in my favorite stories there is a lot of sex!

  20. Sorry guys, I think is a good idea (a bit overseen, though) but there will be NO halloween special this year. Outside the USA, it's not a common holyday and I just don't have the time to rush one.
    This things was going great until the poll reseted itself over and over again... argh google what are you doing to yourself lately?

    Thanks for participating!

    1. You just fab-blocked me damnit!

  21. First..i love u work..Specially the In the name of science..
    Im in to make him a really sexy and some dumb horny bimbo..big boobs..long hair,pouty lipps,,and lots of makeup..And the clothes..yes..clothes..for a bimbo..lots of pink,,and heels..HIGH heels,or a school uniform..
    Why dont make 2 guys to 2 sexy as a bimbo.the other in latex..
    And they have raw bondage sex??
    Medical transformation i wote for..


  22. Please VIP, give us your captions pack or poser comic. The waiting is brutal!

  23. Cannot wait for the completed final product. You work is top notch!

  24. What's happening with the new comic Vip? The waiting is horrific!! Please give us an updated ETA to put our minds at rest!

  25. I think a game show themed comic would be cool

  26. The waiting... It's killing me!

  27. You cant beat werewoman stuff. Love the blog.