Saturday, September 22, 2012

OH my! Is that... A new poser comic?

Even though the great, simpler, clean-looking and awesome new look of Blogger SUCKS A LOT, so much that I tried for 3 days to post something (and God forbid me if I have the courage to even add an image to the post), and constantly got blank pages, errors in the interface, until I've managed to finally post the good news...

One of the poser comics is done!

Ladies, gentlemen and Bimbos around the world, I present to you:

"HOLY ***"

"Holy ***" is my 10th comic, and it was kinda of a special one: I went to explore some of my favourite fetish.
Before you ask let me tell you, No, it is not 357892 pages long and has no chapters.
It is also not a 25 page quickie... At first it was supposed to be short and to come inside the soon to be released "VipComics 2", but it kinda grew and grew out of my control, consuming a lot of hours, and it has earned it's own comic.

So, what can you expect to find in "Holy***"?

I used the same formula that I used in "A Second Chance", but with even fewer dialogues, lots of self-explanatory images, it's more like a huge images sequence put togheter as a comic with some dialogues, and maybe mistakes in typing wich I'm to lazy to correct them all.

It also comes to a weak and abrupt ending, but since the story is not so sophisticated and more fap-oriented, it will do. Anyway, at least 95% of you probaly just forward the pages until the ones with the morphs!

So, enough with the writting, I'm sure you want to know how to get it.

Easy! just click HERE, and get it from my 4shared folder!

I sincerely hope you enjoy it, and if you do, don't forget to leave a comment with your thoughts.

See you soon!


  1. I can only say... It was worth waiting!
    Thank you for the comic!

  2. Great work! Well worth the wait for that one.

  3. Great comic, would like to see more of the story

  4. Excellent comic. I really enjoyed the lip expansion and such. Nice process. The writing could use some editing though, but that is minor. The fabric across the eyes was different too. Good work VIP! Keep on making those bimbos!

  5. Great work!

    Ever thought about submitting your comics to

  6. Great work, but it's just a great start. I want to see the end of it :)

  7. I would like if you add a little to the ending, perhaps pregnancy at the end?

  8. is a weak story, but still a very fun one. I would really like it if there was more to the ending.

    Pregnancy or further changes into a cow-girl.

  9. Very good work! Thank you!

  10. Nice art, funny story, abrupt end.
    My favorite page is that where the protagonist, tied, blind, hearing nothing else than the sound of the pump, start to feel the need of his persecutor (trainer?) just not to be left alone.
    Damn CG-long hairs: when someone leans forward, they should flow in front of the face.
    Nice idea the Little Cow Riding Hood secret society.

  11. As everyone else is already saying, thanks for the story.

    The process/principle was well done. One thing I'd suggest trying to change up a bit in the future is a lot of the pictures later in the sequence seemed to be the same with very slight deviations from the previous and with different dialog. This similarity made reading the story a bit difficult at times, as it felt the same going though a lot of the panels even though the story was progressing. One thing whic may help is a change in camera angle, perspective, or even zooming in/out a bit more to change up the appearance a bit.

  12. Excellent work as always. A nice turn of events, good TGTF and some new ideas. Thanks for continuing to do these great comics. No doubt they take a lot of time, but we are all anxiously awaiting the next one as soon as you post them!

    You should talk with Femur and post them on too.

  13. Thank you very much for the comments!

  14. Great comic, loved it. It would have been great to see the end, where the Holy Cow gets fucked and gives birth to a human / cow hybrid "the mother". On her breath and arise to assentions all the females transform into similar holy cows and the sheperd transforms into a real life cow to be milked.

  15. What, we don't get to see them fuck, or find out what the ritual was supposed to do, or will do? Talk about a cock tease! Don't worry, I loved it anyway.

    1. There was going to be a sequel with more stuff included, but I don't think it's ever going to happen