Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Big News! In the meantime, did anyone wanted preggos and miswishes?

I was looking through the caps done in my PC and waiting to be uploaded in the next pack for the hollydays, when I realized that those lovely, big boobed and belly swollen preggos were left behind in my previous posts!
I think that was a mistake that has to be solved inmediately, so here you go, enjoy some preggo caps, and don't forget to read the full post, since big news are being posted at the end of it...

 Maybe -just maybe- a comic will be done inspired in this cap

And here you have your lovely and humilliating miswishes!

 I love this one. Another posible future poser comic?

 Beshine really does save me a lot of photoshopping

Since I know you've been expecting a comic and I said I was working on several at the same time, the good news is that next post will be, indeed, a poser comic release!

This must be the most obvious spoiler ever.

So if everything goes as planned, by the weekend or first days of the next you'll be able to download it.

Another thing I learned is that captions involving a group of people are higly unpopular, so there might not be more coming.

That's all for now my friends, and, as always...

Tell me what you think about this post! Suggesitons? Critics? Just saying hello? It doesn't matter, just please leave a comment!


  1. i really love your captions, there great ..xx jenni

  2. Always great to see you update, and I can't wait for your comic! A were-bimbo? I can only hope so.. :P I think people prefer captions with fewer people in them, since it allows you to go that much more in detail with the characters story, too many cooks spoil the broth..

  3. curse of the were-woman ... hmm by day a mild mannered (or douch) of a man by night experiance womanhood in FULL everything a woman could experiance :D

  4. Cool captions! I too love the giant dildo!
    Hope comic is out soon!

  5. love the werewoman motif, its one of my favorite scenarios in this genre and seems so obvious yet there's such a seemingly small amount of material....always glad to see more

  6. put more pregnant tg captions and comics with pregnancy