Sunday, December 9, 2012

I promised and delivered: poser comic Bites II is here!

There are a few things that are very rare to happen, such as a lighting striking twice at the same place,  Cristiano Ronaldo winning the World's Best Footballer award, or me doing the next chapter of a previous released comic.

Yes, my friends, for those of you who didn't see the most obvious spoiler ever in my previous post, I proudly release the second chapter of "Bites", wich was my 4th poser comic, done way back in 2009!

"Bites Chapter II" was one of the comics under development at the same time by me, and it was not easy to compete at time since I wanted really relly hard to start a new one based on this story (yeah, I'm one of those freaks who enjoy reading something with no images on it) left in the comments in this post. Thank you!

So, what can you expect to find in Bites Ch. II?


As usual I tried to explore something new. Mix a few fetishes together, put in a couple of easter eggs, and mostly provide something that doesn't have a lot of material around: werewomen!

Regarding my usual weak endings, I think you'll like this one.

Anyway, I'm not writting forever, and if you want to download "Bites Chapter II", just click here and get it from my 4Shared folder!
(Note: Probably I'll add a MediaFire mirror soon)

What can you expect from now on?
A new comic based on a new fetish?
Another comic based on my regular tastes?
Maybe another chapter of a previous comic like Lynx or Master-PC, Holy*** ?
Or a prologue of In the Name of Science, a new VipComics issue, or a complete remake of someting old and crappy like Omega Panet?

All I can tell you for sure is that the next release will be a pack of new 100+ captions while I finish the other projects.

They say second parts are never as good as the first. I do hope with all my heart that you enjoy this one, I had a lot of fun making it for you.

Remember that if you like it, want to add or ask something, or just tsay "hello", You're always welcome to Leave a Comment! (and I do need them to improve and motivate myself)


  1. I'm sorry, but your new format for the blog really, really sucks.

    It's confusing, annoying, and makes it more trouble than it's worth to even try to click around trying to actually see your caps.

  2. So unfair that I have to see this update just before going to work, can't wait to get home and read the comic! By the way, that would be insanely hot if you made a poser comic based on bimbomania, that's one of the best bimbo fictions out there in my opinion!

  3. Thanks for the feedback!
    - if many users found the new design truoblesome, maybe i'll downgrade it to basic blogger style. I'll make a poll.

    - Yes, a sunday update suck, I wanted to post friday or saturday but didn't finish it on time... and Bimbomania is a hard one to pull, too many things happening at once, too many models... but as I said in the post, is one of my objectives for the near future!

  4. Well it takes a while to get used to the design but it is okay and something different to all those 08/15 designs everyone is using.

    Also love the comic :D

  5. Oh, you now HAVE to make a 3rd chapter, make the characters meet and finish the story! I could not wait for that happen.
    Love the comic. Love WereWoman

    Sorry bad english

  6. Would like to see a Master PC.

  7. Nice comic, your models have really improved.. :) I also just finished reading the bimbo story you linked, and boy am I glad I did! I'd love to see a game-show themed bimbo transformation story, not necessarily copying the story you linked, but rather your personal take on it.. I think it has tons of potential, and a great way to feature lots of different little transformations..

  8. I think this was great comic, good set up, characters, a few grammar errors but overall awesome. The woman he turns into was spectacular. Most of all though I gotta say I Love the combination of the werewoman, skin ripping, and race change. It's out of this world hot. The skin ripping really complements the race change

    I just wish the transformation itself was longer, it kind of skipped to the end just when it was getting good I think. What's there is epic but I feel like it could be developed a lot further, a lot more room for detail & expression of the changes. Hips ass tits and thighs pulsing, expanding... arms shoulders & face etc and of course a new vag ripping open and swallowing up the erect male bits (or just letting them fall out o.o )

    Oh well perhaps in a future sequal :D

  9. I'd love to see more of Master PC or Lynx

  10. Nice comic, not exactly my cup of tea this whole were-woman theme, but I do appreciate the effort that wnet into it. I too love the idea of a gameshow based transformation comic, and I can never say no to some good bimbo-transformation. Keep up the good work!

  11. Very good comic VIP. I, too, am not really down with the whole were woman thing, but the transformation sequence was most excellent. The lips and tits expanding was awesome. But I'm just excited for your captions you've been hording for quite some time. Big tits, big asses, cock sucking lips, complete bimbofication and we're set. Keep up the good work VIP!

  12. Feed us captions! Oh, and a bimbo-comic!

  13. Wow, lots of comments to answer! Thank you for the feedback!

    I'm updating captions... TODAY!

  14. body swap or posssession father and daughter comic pleaseee :)

  15. Awesome comic!

    Looking forward to more!

    Next chapter I hope he tries to fight the urges/changes more.

  16. Keep up the good job, your models look better. I love the transformation aspect but it feels a little rushed in this comic, maybe one body change at a time and then have the character react to that before the next occurs, in stead of everything at once.. But anyways you can never do wrong if the character ends up with big lips, huge round tits, a narrow waist and a big booty! ;)

  17. Fuck, even here I get annoying spam!