Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Captions of 2014

Yes, 2014 is going away, and I couldn't be more happy about it. A really bad year for me.
But that does not mean it must go away just like that, fading into oblivion!

I'm still suffering energy shortages almost on daily basis, and thankfully I'm going away a couple of weeks on a well-deserved vacation, but I didn't want to leave your empty handed!

So, a couple of days ago while looking for alternatives I used my very old netbook to quickly make this ones - They're a little different from the ones I usually make, but the poor thing can't handle Photoshop, so this will do the trick! Plus, it's refreshing a little variety from time to time.

Here, enjoy!

Want to catch a dumb bimbo whore's attention? just use the magic words!

Not fair, he got a better Christmas present than me!

I see you've enjoyed my Christmas present, and I just wanted to thank you for sharing another year with me and giving me your support! You really are the reason I made this things!

Happy new year my friends! Enjoy tonight!!!!


  1. Being the blonde bimbo would be hot!
    Thanks for your Awesome blog.
    Have a wonderful Happy New Year's!

  2. Happy New Year, I love your comics *thumbs up*

  3. Buon Anno Vip. Ciao da Italia, da Lorenzo.
    what news there will be this year?

  4. Cuando va a salir jinkxed 2? Uno de los mejores comics q lei

  5. Hi Everyone, Thanks for the comments, I'll answer them next week when I return from vacations at the beach.

    Google made a mess and deleted the Blog, but it's abck online!

    1. This made my day. I was so worried something happened or that you just have up. Welcome back my friend. :)

    2. Great to see ya back. :)

  6. I was very sad when i saw the blog was down. But now it is back so HOOORAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. great to have you back !! i was worried about you

  8. I am very happy that their website is accessible again!
    Her art can easily be lost

    Welcome back

  9. gracias al cielo que estas Online de vuelta *w*