Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Captions Rush, part 3: Miswishes and curses!

Last post before Christmas Update! We've seem the preggos, we've seen the tech-related captions, so it's only natural that today we're going for... Magic related captions!

Magic includes a lot: curses, cursed objects, booby traps, spells, spells that backfire, swaps, and maybe by far the most popular, miswishes, amongst other things!

So there they are, enjoy! Let's start by an all-time favorite: the dumb genie that fucks your wishes up (come on... we all now deep down, he didn't fuck them up that bad after all!)

Try to run with those... I'll pay to see that
Little spoiler: Next year's special mini-series might be about Milf's TG

I'll try to make more ass-related captions next year.

And of course, the Bonus Caption: the dumb BIMBO!

So, this is it! Tomorrow I'll upload all the captions in a folder for you to download and enjoy.

Merry Christmas!
  Enjoy your presents and family/friends! Eat, drink, and do your best to have a peaceful night. Do something good today, even one single thing.


  1. Merry christmas for you too!!!
    This year you've outdone yourself and we're glad and happy. You're amazing in everything you pull out. You deserve a happy holliday too, and a rest, even if we'd like you to post every day something.
    about the captions?
    oh dat assssss
    please do more with big ass! Do you know the name of the girl?

    1. Oh, thanks a lot for being so kind!
      It was a hard year but full of satisfaction nevertheless.
      Sadly, that girl I don't know who she is!

  2. Amazing work as always, thank you so much for your efforts.

    FYI - love the preggo caps.

    1. Thanks! We all do. That's why I do just about enough of them

  3. First one is the best
    Happy Hollidays!

  4. Thanks. Merry Christmas.

  5. Hola VIP .... Espero hayas tenido una excelente Navidad. Me gustó mucho esta seríe de imágenes. en especial la segunda caption. ¿Conoces el nombre de la rubia que ahí aparece?. Hiciste que recordara una historia de Morpheus donde una chica adquiere carcterísticas de otras. La historia se llama "The Wandering Eye"
    Ojalá en algún futuro sea posible que adaptes a comic esa historia. Desde luego con el sello que te caracteriza. Saludos desde México ;)

  6. Tuve una gran navidad! Espero tu tambien la hayas tenido.
    No conozco la historia, le dare una lectura, gracias!

    Lamentablemente no tengo idea quien es esa chica.